Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Memphitz Premieres Trailer for new show- The Mistresses of Atlanta

YIIKES! Memphitz is gearing up to release what appears to be one of the hottest reality shows to hit your screens- The Mistresses of Atlanta.

Memph has been in the news lately for the drama surrounding his alleged domestic violence against Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member K. Michelle, but he's quickly getting back to the money. Today he premiered this trailer and boy is this going to sit well with the present day drama filled reality tv scene.

The show highlights a few mistresses- one being Maliah (famous for her relationship with rapper Drake) and one being a male who has the same affairs as the women casted. The chic Sara though may wanna take a billion seats. Im all for you having freedom of expression or whatever, but to get on national television using racist terminology- that is NOT ok.

From the looks of things the juice is going to be epic- if this is your type of show- you may wanna stay tuned.

Salute to Memphitz & his wife Toya who recently celebrated their 1 yr anniversary in Paris, and if you really care to know more about the whole K Michelle thing..watch Kandi Koated Nights tomorrow- Memph will be on!!

The Real Mistresses Of Atlanta (Reality Show) from Cricket on Vimeo.


  1. this is totally disrespectful to the entity of marriage. toya should be ashamed that he is producing such a show that glorifies mistresses.

    1. Um its just a tv show, it has nothing to do with Toya and Mempits marriage.