Thursday, June 14, 2012

Updated** #THEVIDEO Chris Brown & Drake Fight At Wip Club- Chris Shows Scars

Last night there were rumors that Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake, and Meek Mill may all end up in the same club in NY. Rih was a no show, but the fellas all were there partying together... the irony you ask? They supposedly have beef over Rih.

Surely if you've been reading this blog you know the story.. Rih dated Chris, supposedly dated Drake, and slept with Meek. The latter two assumptions are hard core rumors, and we found out this morning that the whole Meek thing is absolutely a rumor.

Meek posted this to his instagram instigating!

 Anywho, you'd think that these three grown men would either choose not to be in the same club as people they don't get along with, or they'd know how to restrain themselves need be- not the case.

I woke this morning to tweets stating that Chris and Drake were in a brawl. Not just a brawl of fists, but bottles were thrown, people were injured, and Chris was scarred.

Unfortunate for Breezy, he is still on parole which means he should be staying all the way clear of club fights. On top of the brawl which was made on twitter to appear a big deal- Chris, his girl, and his girl's girl took to twitter to vent about it- mistake number 3.

Even if you were in the heat of the moment and couldnt restrain yourself, you don't then get on twitter and vent about it.. twitter?? Really? Not the place for that. Not only can it and will it incriminate you,but it's just not the mature thing to do. As for his friends joining him, Im gonna need them to sit! People need to "use their heads for more than hat racks" as my mommy would say. This is ridiculous.

Im dishearted because you all know I love Chris, Ive been rooting hard core for him, his career, his happiness, but he just can't not react. Even if Drake's crew started this, I guarantee it will all be blamed on Chris because of his past.

This is where wisdom either on Chris' part or SOMEONE in his camp's part- MUST kick in. Don't put yourself in situations that can cause you harm in some way to begin with, and when presented with conflict don't bigger and braver than it!

Chris and Drake both should take note of how foolish this is. To see their fans on twitter genuinely worried about their well being, and to think of how successful they both are, it is just a tragedy that they'd be throwing bottles at one another. Below are a few tweets that will further outline details. Im sure this will be everywhere in a few hours- but I saw it break..

PS I know I went in on Chris, because Im not that huge of a Drake fan and honestly- Chris has way more to lose and prove right don't email me about that. lol.. feel free to comment though.

So far no arrests have been made or charges pressed, but as you see above, there are many... MANY people claiming to be taking legal action against Chris &/or Drake. Ugh.. praying this can work out some way and that everybody involved gets their heads on straight.

UPDATE- The video!

(Thats Chris' bodyguard Big Pat all bloodied up.. pray for him- he's in the hospital! From insider reports Drake "hid behind the speaker during it all" you can sorta see someone to the left behind the speaker)


  1. This is stupid.I don't care for Drake either and for him to walk over to Chris (with his crew of course because we all know Aubrey is not about that life) and throws a bottle is really lame.Drake needs to realize who he really is and its closer to the lil boy Jimmy that he played on that show Degrassi than some tough guy. I mean throwing bottles really???...ok I'm over it lol

  2. I'm sayin kayki why didn't nobody from Chris crew leave there in handcuffs or on a stretcher? The nigga practically take care of them and all they do is tweet how mad they are? Man stop it!

  3. Fightin over a hoe?