Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In Case You Missed It: Nicki Minaj Calls in to Funk Master Flex- (Full Interview)

In continuation of the jurahmah that was YMCMB's no show last night at Summer Jam, Nicki Minaj & Flex participated in what was meant to be an interview to squash things. That did not happen.

Nicki made a few valid points and in the most effective way, even  though I believe strongly that she shouldve performed last night.

Flex over talked Nicki the entire time, barely letting her get a word in. He was also extremely elusive when asked straight forward questions by her when she did get to speak.

I was a bit disappointed because I wanted it to be a constructive conversation in some way when Id heard she was set to call in, but... it wasnt. Check out the audio below - MOBILE users click here for Youtube!

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