Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chris Brown's Brand New Tattoo Revealed (Pic/Vid)

Seems as though I was juuuuuust talking about Chris Brown with the whole Drake Diss record, but here we are again..with more Breezy news.

Maybe its that time of year for some celebs because everybody is getting inked up- last week it was Rihanna and today, it's Chris. He got inked by LA tattoo artist Peter Koskela over night!

While we can't quiiiiiite make it out from the picture, it appears to be an indian or bird of some sort.............. Big Hood a member of Chris' entourage first tweeted a photo earlier of the singer asleep while getting tatted, and now we have a closer view of what he was actually getting.

Its a pretty nice sized tatt and considering that he has to perform tomorrow for the BET awards, its a very interesting time to get it!! I guess when you get as many as Chris it's nothing... anywho check out a brief video of Chris last night where you can sorta see his new tat below.

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