Friday, June 1, 2012

Beyonce to Star in New Film!!!

Yay!!! It feels like Bey is all the way back into action after giving birth to Blue Ivy! She just slayed her "comeback" shows at Revel and today we learned that her new film is set in stone!

Now Bey has played some serious/grown roles in dramas since she began making movies, but it looks like motherhood has influenced her next role choice. Beyonce will play in an animated film called Epic according to E online who depicts the film as:

a 3-D extravaganza that follows a girl who is magically transported into a secret universe and finds herself at the center of a battle of good versus evil. She joins forces with "a ragtag group of whimsical characters" to save the magical (and, in turn, real) world.

She's set to play "Queen Tara" in the film and from the line up of other actors/actresses it looks like it's gonna be a fun one.

She's making a movie that her daughter will be able to enjoy in a few years and that her nephew can enjoy now! Love it!

The film is due out in about a year!

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