Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chris Brown's Brand New Tattoo Revealed (Pic/Vid)

Seems as though I was juuuuuust talking about Chris Brown with the whole Drake Diss record, but here we are again..with more Breezy news.

Maybe its that time of year for some celebs because everybody is getting inked up- last week it was Rihanna and today, it's Chris. He got inked by LA tattoo artist Peter Koskela over night!

While we can't quiiiiiite make it out from the picture, it appears to be an indian or bird of some sort.............. Big Hood a member of Chris' entourage first tweeted a photo earlier of the singer asleep while getting tatted, and now we have a closer view of what he was actually getting.

Its a pretty nice sized tatt and considering that he has to perform tomorrow for the BET awards, its a very interesting time to get it!! I guess when you get as many as Chris it's nothing... anywho check out a brief video of Chris last night where you can sorta see his new tat below.

Press Play or Pause: @ChrisBrown Disses Drake on I Dont Like Remix

Can't say we didn't see this one coming right?! Chris Brown hopped on this I Don't Like record with his buddy The Game and came for Drake. The two supposedly have beef and were in a brawl in a club a couple of weeks back.

 Instead of letting it end there of course Breezy hops on a track and disses Drizzy. He made references to the bottles being thrown and even Take Care- the collaboration between Drake & Rihanna. Breezy also mentions Lil Wayne & Nicki's names in his freestyle..

Again I ask why Chris is beefing with Rihanna's supposed old fling when he has a girlfriend somewhere? Even if they claim the club brawl had nothing to do with Rihanna, this diss CLEARLY references her with the "Take Care" line. S/o to the women who let stuff like this slide cus child...

Chris has an album coming out and the past week or soo has been so positive and upifting just seeing his fans come together to promote it like they have. I wouldve liked for him to have not gotten on this record trying to diss anybody.

I wouldve preferred for him to have shut the BET awards down tomorrow, release his incredible album on Tuesday and live his life..but hey...I don't always get what I want with Breezy.. anywho check it below.

Miss Info caught up with Meek & Big Sean today and got their reactions! Check out what they each had to say below!

Friday, June 29, 2012

#AwwAlert Somebodys having a baby!!!!!

Yaaaay! Today Adele took to her website to confirm that she and boyfriend are expecting their first child together!

I guess the happiness brought on by her epic album sales really got to these two who have been dating for about a year now. Though this may mean a real break from music for now I am happy for the beautiful Adele!

Youll Never Guess Which Celeb Cooked This Bangin Meal for her Boo

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach & this celeb at least appears to know what she's doing! Last night Kim K. Posted this pin saying she was cooking soul food for her boo.

If you've been under a rock for the past few months then you may not know that her boo is Kanye. They are becoming so cute to me! Shout out to Kim for this plate.. Not sure how it tastes but it sure looks right!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free HIV testing at a drugstore near you

We can have a flu shot and our blood pressure checked at just about any drugstore. If an HIV test was made available, would you take advantage of it?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Memphitz Premieres Trailer for new show- The Mistresses of Atlanta

YIIKES! Memphitz is gearing up to release what appears to be one of the hottest reality shows to hit your screens- The Mistresses of Atlanta.

Memph has been in the news lately for the drama surrounding his alleged domestic violence against Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member K. Michelle, but he's quickly getting back to the money. Today he premiered this trailer and boy is this going to sit well with the present day drama filled reality tv scene.

The show highlights a few mistresses- one being Maliah (famous for her relationship with rapper Drake) and one being a male who has the same affairs as the women casted. The chic Sara though may wanna take a billion seats. Im all for you having freedom of expression or whatever, but to get on national television using racist terminology- that is NOT ok.

From the looks of things the juice is going to be epic- if this is your type of show- you may wanna stay tuned.

Salute to Memphitz & his wife Toya who recently celebrated their 1 yr anniversary in Paris, and if you really care to know more about the whole K Michelle Kandi Koated Nights tomorrow- Memph will be on!!

The Real Mistresses Of Atlanta (Reality Show) from Cricket on Vimeo.

Rapper 50 Cent In Car Accident This Morning

Rapper 50 Cent was in a car accident early this morning which led to his hospitalization.

The rapper who is probably just as famous for his near death experiences while in the streets as his actual music- is said to be doing ok by a rep on his site.

50s truck was rear ended by a mack truck which almost led to his SUV flipping over. He suffeed minor neck and back injuries but again, he's fine.

50 just appeared in an exclusive interview with Oprah last week that gave most of us a more indepth look at the rapper's person. If you missed it, you can catch it here!

Press Play- Chris Brown- Mirage ft. Nas

Chris' album release is just 1 week away and unfortunately the leaks have begun. While I don't encourage anybody to illegally download music, I am excited to hear the full version of some of the snippets I posted this weekend.

Make sure you guys support these artists and buy their albums.. it's their they eat.. how their families eat..k?..k.

Monday, June 25, 2012

In loving memory.

Rihanna's Full Set From Hackney! Jay Z Joins Her On Stage!!

Rih Rih gave one of her best performances (according to long time fans) Sunday in the UK at their biggest music festival of the year. Rihanna walked on set with a bangin KTZ x Linda Farrow sunglasses a Katie Eary  Cheatah Tee & Air Yeezy 2's!!!!!

Rih performed all of her hits and some..its kinda crazy just how many she has. My personal highlights from the set were when Jay came out (obviously :)) ) & when she sang Love the Way You Lie. It was a chance for her to really sing and show that she does have a beautiful voice.

Set List

1. Only Girl (In the World)

2. Disturbia 4:07

3. S&M 7:27

4. Cockiness (Love It) 12:20

5. Birthday Cake 15:31

6. What's My Name? 19:15

7. Rude Boy 23:03

8. Love The Way You Lie (Part II) 26:43

9. Man Down 32:11

10. Where Have You Been 36:41

11. Wait Your Turn 41:41

12. Hard 44:46

13. Don't Stop The Music 48:09

14. Run This Town (with Jay-Z) 53:22

15. Talk That Talk (with Jay-Z) 57:25

16. Umbrella (with Jay-Z) 1:01:00

17. We Found Love 1:05:37

Check out her full set below.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Music! Chris Brown's "FORTUNE" Album Snippets!

With the anticipation building and just 10 days to go before Chris' next album Fortune is set to drop- fans and critics alike are getting just a taste of what we can expect.

Chris admitted in recent interviews and on twitter that he's hoping to get back to more of his roots in r&b and actually singing with this album as opposed to the rapping he's been dabbling a lot in lately.

With the likes of Pop Wansel, The Runners, & The Underdogs appearing on production, this album is easily gearing up to be one of Chris' best so far!! Check out the snippets below!!

Album in stores July 3rd!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Miami Heat Claim NBA Championships!! DWade & Lebron Celebrate With their Leading Ladies

I wasn't too into these games being more of a football girl myself, but these finals have been nothing less than AMAZING! The commentary on twitter only amplified the highly intense games between Miami and OKC!

After what seems like a lifetime, Lebron James FINALLY got his ring as Miami took the victory. It was such a great moment for the star athlete who was criticized for leaving his Cleveland Cavs in hopes of reaching this very moment. With him celebrating was his entire team including good friend D. Wade.

The two celebrated together and with their lovely leading ladies, Savannah and Gabby Union. Im happy for them, they look like they had a ball!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TIP Crashes The OMG Girlz' Party in #NewVideo - Where The Boys At

My fave little cuties are back with another video! Their latest record Where the Boys at is a fun dance record with a huge Summer appeal! The girls are simply asking questions all girls there age want to know.. where are the cuties!!?

In the video, TIP (who is Star's step dad) makes an appearance along with her brothers as they crash the OMG Girlz' Summer fun when the boys show up! Love it! Check it out below!!

#PrayersUp! Houston's Trae tha Truth Shot This Morning

According to reports, Houston rapper, Trae tha Truth was wounded this morning outside of a nightclub in Htown. Trae who is recognized mostly by his raspy & low toned delivery was not the only person injured. Three people died at the scene of the incident, and 2 others including Trae were taken to a hospital.

The well respected rapper from Houston is said to be doing ok. His photographer, @LowLifeDynasty tweeted out the below pic this morning as proof.

Trae is a household name in Houston- most recently nationally recognized by his recent release, Im On. The song which features some of rap music's dopest artists (Wiz, Big Boi, Wale, Lupe) has been well received by the hip hop community making Trae more than Houston's "King of the Streets".

Though Trae seems to be doing well, lets keep him and the other individuals/families in our prayers- no arrests have been made at this time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Video: Dawn Richard- Automatic #BLAAAAZER

Dawn Richard is hitting hard with this video for Automatic! The song is off of her BANGIN Armor On EP that is currently available on itunes!

Dawn may be familiar to some of you from Making the Band, Danity Kane, or Dirty Money. She has such an incredible tone, and the track will definitely put you in the mind of Brandy- which is always a plus to me!

Check Dawn's new video out below!

Bobby Brown Gets Married- Bobbi Kris a No Show

Congratulations are in order today! Pictures have popped up on the net of Bobby Brown and his now wife/manager, Alicia Etheredge! The two became engaged in 2010 during a New Edition concert, and tied the knot this weekend. Brown was super casual in a pair of adidas but of course Etheridge chose the traditional route-as most women do..Their son Cassius (3) played twins with Daddy as he rocked the same ensemble as Brown.

Brown who was once married to the late great Whitney Houston credited his then fiance' with turning his life around and giving him the love of life and self that he had lost. It gets no better than that!

The only person missing in the photos posted by Bobby's oldest son, was his daughter with Whitney- Bobbi Krtistina. Rumors are circling that the two are not on good terms, which sucks if it is true. I hope they can find a middle ground- that relatinoship is so important.

Meanwhile congrats to Bobby & his new wife Alicia!

Monday, June 18, 2012

RIL: Rodney King

Yesterday morning at 6am Rodney King was pronounced dead at a hospital in LA. King was found at the bottom of his home swimming pool by his fiance early Sunday morning, he was 47.

King became a household name when after a high speed chase at the age of 25, his brutal beating by police was captured on video. The images from his beating stirred the spirits of people all around America and especially in LA, where intense rioting occurred in response to it.

People were fed up with police brutality and the video of King's beating was the straw that broke the Camel's back.

Since the beating King has suffered through many emotional and physical set backs in attempt to get his life back on track. Just a few months ago he was in the news for something positive- he'd written his autobiography. It was refreshing to see him in the limelight for a good reason for once.

This is partially why news of his death is so saddening for me. He seemed to just be getting things together at the age of 47. My heart goes out to his family.

The autopsy is set for today, from the earliest investigations, no foul play is expected.

@Rihanna Shares Touching Photos of Visit with Her GranGran #PrayForGranGranDolly

While most of us were spending time with Dad, Rihanna made her way to visit her Grandma Dolly who is sick with cancer. Rih took to her viddy account to say that she has been in NY spending time with her for a couple of weeks now, postponing her trip to London to do so.

Rih's family from Barbados is also in NY with Gran Dolly. Rih has been very open with fans about how much she loves her grandma and these pictures show the unique bond they have!

Still praying for her families' strength during this time!!

BONUS: Rih got a new tattoo this weekend with a special meaning..check it out below!

Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep

Jam of the Moment- Robyn: Call Your Girlfriend

My girlie Ziggy (Megan) reminded me of this jam on twitter last night..

I was first introduced to Robyn during my MTV TJ campaign. She's such a great artist with a unique voice and you can't help but to dance to her records!

Check out Call Your Girlfriend below.. mobile can hear it here!

Friday, June 15, 2012

#TissuesPlease!! Jamie Lynn's Tribute to Her Big Sister Britney - "I Look Up to You"

THE tears that fell from my eyes listening to this! So sweet. Jamie Lynn is the baby sister of Britney Spears. She's had to watch her big sister go through epic stardom, broken marriages, public breakdowns, and rumors. Watching Britney go through it all had to be rough.

Even a few bumps in the road though can't keep a kid sister from admiring her big sister! The words are all too telling of just how much Britney went through, and just how much Jamie admires her strength!

I just wanna tell mmmmmyyyyy big sister- I look up to you too!!!

Rock It or Knock It: Rihanna Chills with Mobwives Star Carla in Marc Hundley & Opening Ceremony Tee!

Rih Rih was spotted last night headed into the 40/40 club in NY to enjoy the game with her closest friends. While there she ran into Mobwives star Carla Facciolo who said Rih is one of her favorite artists! She shared the above pic with her tweeties last night. Rih looked very casually cute.

Fortunately for us, everytime Rih steps out there are paps waiting to capture her choice of clothing (or not) lol..

Rih was in the news earlier this week for stepping out again in a see through bra, but thats not really news anymore. The girl wears what she wants...

Last night she covered up a bit more rocking a casual look. She wore a Marc Hundley x Opening Ceremony Tee that reads very boldly, "And if the people stare let them stare."

The shirt may look familiar as Rih isn't the first celeb to rock it, but she is the first to rock it her way. She freaked the shirt by cutting off the sleeves & ripping it up a bit... I dig it.. what do you say- rock it or knock it??

Ursher Baby Takes Fans Behind the Scenes

Usherbaby just released another album for his fans! The June 12th release of Lookin 4 Myself had my social media sites going crazy! Usher has some seeeerious fans!

As a special treat he took cameras behind the scenes to capture him preparing for his Amex Unstaged show on Monday. From the feedback from the net, the show was great. People were going on and on about how Ursherbaby still has it.

Check out how he prepared for his set below! Lookin 4 Myself is in stores now!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Updated** #THEVIDEO Chris Brown & Drake Fight At Wip Club- Chris Shows Scars

Last night there were rumors that Chris Brown, Rihanna, Drake, and Meek Mill may all end up in the same club in NY. Rih was a no show, but the fellas all were there partying together... the irony you ask? They supposedly have beef over Rih.

Surely if you've been reading this blog you know the story.. Rih dated Chris, supposedly dated Drake, and slept with Meek. The latter two assumptions are hard core rumors, and we found out this morning that the whole Meek thing is absolutely a rumor.

Meek posted this to his instagram instigating!

 Anywho, you'd think that these three grown men would either choose not to be in the same club as people they don't get along with, or they'd know how to restrain themselves need be- not the case.

I woke this morning to tweets stating that Chris and Drake were in a brawl. Not just a brawl of fists, but bottles were thrown, people were injured, and Chris was scarred.

Unfortunate for Breezy, he is still on parole which means he should be staying all the way clear of club fights. On top of the brawl which was made on twitter to appear a big deal- Chris, his girl, and his girl's girl took to twitter to vent about it- mistake number 3.

Even if you were in the heat of the moment and couldnt restrain yourself, you don't then get on twitter and vent about it.. twitter?? Really? Not the place for that. Not only can it and will it incriminate you,but it's just not the mature thing to do. As for his friends joining him, Im gonna need them to sit! People need to "use their heads for more than hat racks" as my mommy would say. This is ridiculous.

Im dishearted because you all know I love Chris, Ive been rooting hard core for him, his career, his happiness, but he just can't not react. Even if Drake's crew started this, I guarantee it will all be blamed on Chris because of his past.

This is where wisdom either on Chris' part or SOMEONE in his camp's part- MUST kick in. Don't put yourself in situations that can cause you harm in some way to begin with, and when presented with conflict don't bigger and braver than it!

Chris and Drake both should take note of how foolish this is. To see their fans on twitter genuinely worried about their well being, and to think of how successful they both are, it is just a tragedy that they'd be throwing bottles at one another. Below are a few tweets that will further outline details. Im sure this will be everywhere in a few hours- but I saw it break..

PS I know I went in on Chris, because Im not that huge of a Drake fan and honestly- Chris has way more to lose and prove right don't email me about that. lol.. feel free to comment though.

So far no arrests have been made or charges pressed, but as you see above, there are many... MANY people claiming to be taking legal action against Chris &/or Drake. Ugh.. praying this can work out some way and that everybody involved gets their heads on straight.

UPDATE- The video!

(Thats Chris' bodyguard Big Pat all bloodied up.. pray for him- he's in the hospital! From insider reports Drake "hid behind the speaker during it all" you can sorta see someone to the left behind the speaker)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Video: Usher - Scream!

Team Usher got a great surprise today! Just one day after his album dropped, Ursherbaby released the video to his single, Scream! It was shot in NY, and is the standard/performance with light tricks Usher video!

Be sure to get his latest album, Lookin 4 Myself & be extra sure to check out track 15- "I.F.U." s/o to the GOOOOOOOO!!! Music family!!

Would you eat this?

This is one of several new items Burger King is pushing this summer to lure customers back to "have it their way." The bacon sundae - vanilla soft serve with caramel, fudge, bacon crumbles and a piece of bacon - is a whopping 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Press Play: @JustinBieber ft. @BigSean - As Long as You Love Me

Yess... I love this!! Biebs is growing up!!! He and Big Sean team up for the newest release from the teen heart throb- As Long as You Love Me.

I know Beliebers love this one- heck who wouldn't love it.. it jams! Check it out below & mobile users here!

Press Play- Chris Brown ft 2 Chainz & Snoop "Oh Yeah"

While most of us slept a lot went down online. Chris Brown fresh off of his stop by 106 & Park  partied (at the same club as Rih again btw) as well as let fans know that he had new music on iTunes. This jam oh yeah gooeess!

It features 2 Chainz & non other than uncle Snoop! Chris is also doing his good singing in this one! So go ahead & do the right thang & Check it out below! Or here for mobile users! Oh yeaah oh yeah...

Also if you missed Chris stan for Rihanna on 106 yesterday check his full interview after that! It appears that these two are friends again or at least can stand each other- this is after Rih allegedly blocked Chris on twitter.... smh.. these two.

Chris Brown's Mom ( @MomBreezy), @Karrueche, & Team Breezy Feed the Homeless in NY

I absolutely loved seeing this happen. A while ago, Chris Brown's girl Karrueche hit up twitter and asked all of Team Breezy New York to hit her up. She began following the team leaders and their secret mission began. No one outside of those involved really knew details until the day it happened.

Chris tweeted out to TB the day of that they should enjoy their day with Karrueche & his mom.... and from the looks of things, they did. Karrueche & Mama J met up with Team Breezy and made homemade apple pies for the homeless. With huge smiles on their faces they peeled apples and enjoyed mingling with one another.

How freaking sweet is that. The homeless barely get food to eat, and to have something homemade... just made me smile. Some of Team Breezy left the charity event and immediately went to camp out for Chris' today show performace... this guy must know he's blessed with a great fan base.

S/o to Mama J & Karrueche & mainly Team Breezy for reaching out to those in need!!! S/o to Karrueche's instagram acct for the pics!