Monday, May 14, 2012

Throwback Jam of the Moment: @ChrisBrown- Crawl

Yasss Chris! This was my JAM! It just messed around and came on my itunes and took me back! I realized when I got ready to post it as JOTM that actually never saw the video for it. Just seeing this today for the first time.. I know.. crazy..

I didn't know Cassie played his love interest in it!!

Anywho, loved this record when it came out because lyrically I think it's great. I remember quoting these lyrics on twitter nonstop when it first dropped.

Enjoy.. and even if you arent in love with someone you cant seem to be with there are other lessons to be learned from this song. Sometimes things happen and you may seem to get set back .. crawl until you can walk again.. just keep moving!

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