Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#SHOCKING John Legend's Fiance Chrissy Has Also Sent out Death Wishes?!

Sigh... I'm sure by now you guys are aware of the jurahmah stemming from this years Billboard awards. Chris Brown gave an incredible performance and won an award. Of course everybody didn't think so. In this situation John Legend's girlfriend was one that caught a lot of peoples' attention. She didn't really care for Chris' performance and shaded it a bit by tweeting- "you can dance, but can you sing" or sooomething to that effect.

Well of course Team Breezy (or any group of die hard fans) were not for that and went in on her, probably saying some ridiculous things: According to Chrissy's page- heres an example of some of the things being said to her by Chris' fans..

Incredibly inappropriate in my opinion. Chris thought so too taking to his page to tell his fans to chill on the death threats because it's not right and it only furthers his haters' pointless existence. Naturally in protection of his lady John Legend responded....

Great point John & Chrissy... I actually agree with both of you. The only problem with this whole situation is that wrong is wrong... period. A death threat/wish to anybody is just wrong. As startled, taken a back, and adamant about it being wrong as Chrissy was yesterday- I was startled to get the email I received this morning.

A simple email- from a reader with  screen cap of Chrissy sending death wishes to ex Presidential candidate Sarah Palin..

So.. I'd like to ask... how is it possible to dish out what you can't take. How can one be so sincere and passionate about guns being shot only when the bullets are flying their way. Now, Im in no way excusing Team Breezy.. AT ALL.. it's wrong to wish death upon anybody, but what I am saying is Chrissy needs to take a dose of her own medicine.

As she said yesterday.. you can not say things like that and if a deleted account & public slander are good for TB in response to their death threats, then the same is due her. Moreover.. Team Breezy Im sure are a bunch of teens .... let their ignorance be charged mainly to that, but Chrissy, where was her maturity in her threatening days?

This is 2012 people, everything can come back and bite you in your butt. Just be kind to all people in all situations as much as you can. There is room for everybody to be happy and successful.

Congrats to Chris & Chrissy on their recent successes. Lets chill on the hate!

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