Thursday, May 3, 2012

@RitaOra Says She Must Earn a Collab w/ her Roc Nation Fam @Rihanna & Relationships!

Im loving Rita Ora more and more. She's so talented and humble! She sat down with Sways Universe for a second to discuss her busy life over the past 3 yrs. and what we can expect from her. She's had so many great accomplishments since Jay Z released her to the world a few months ago and has the respect and admiration of many of her peers.

It's very obvious that she has a ways to go, even to Rita, but she's taking it in stride. She has yet to release her first album-but she says to expect it this year. When asked about collaborations she admits that she'd like to keep it on the low, but you can definitely expect her Roc family.

As for Rihanna who she's always compared to for obvious reasons she simply stated that she'd love to work with her. She sang Rihanna's praises and said she has to earn a collaboration:
Definitely.. 100%. I think she's amazing... that would be great.. that would be like woman empowering I mean, she's great, but you know you've got to earn things like that.. I'm just starting out..maybe one day.
She also addresses the fake instagram account that has so many people fooled (even Chris Brow). She clears it up once and for all.

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