Friday, May 11, 2012

Rihanna's Whole Family Attends Battleship LA Premiere + THE DRESS!

Pops Fenty, Rihanna, Rajad Fenty, Rorrey Fenty, & Mama Fenty

Yesterday amidst her Chris Brow/ Twitter saga, Rihanna got to spend some time with her entire immediate family. Ive noticed over the years that they sorta take turns going to certain events with her, or at least the photos appear to suggest that. Well, last night it was so cute to see everybody- her parents, and two little brothers at the LA premiere of her first film- Battleship!

When interviewed about the Grammy award winning pop diva's chance at an acting career- the cast unanimously sang Rihanna's praises. THE Liam Neeson also said she's his "new girlfriend" but that she really- truly has what it takes if she wanted to leave music she could act for sure. Thats huge coming from such an acting vet!

Rihanna was really the star of the "Blue Carpet" as she was who everybody was waiting for the whole night. Interviewers kept saying they couldnt wait to see what she'd wear, and of course she didnt disappoint. She floated onto the  Carpet adorned in a very sexy but simple white dress that was barely there. The dress was the talk of the night once she appeared and it was a collaboration between Rihanna and designer Adam Selmon.


The dress was cut very deep and backless as Rih seems to like them- very reminiscent of the Grammy dress everyone loved. I guess when you've got a hot body and legs for days you can pull that stuff off. It was chilly and windy and the starlet was spotted holding on to the dress for dear life as to not expose her goods to the world. 

Rihanna's big little brother Rorrey tweeted about how proud he was of his sister just as they left the premiere and Rihanna shared how happy she was that they were all there with her.

Her baby brother Rajad is OBVIOUSLY her heart (like mine is- Hi Yayber!!!!!) She had a full out mini photo shoot with him and made it clear via twitter that she hates that he's growing up- the photos are so adorable.

Rih was asked about her health and she said she's feeling better after getting some time to rest.

Check them out + more of her sexy dress below!

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