Monday, May 7, 2012

Rihanna Never Disappoints Wears Tom Ford at Met Ball 2012

Go Rih Rih.. Go Rih Rih Go.... Rihanna wore a skin tight Tom Ford piece that she said was very easy to wear. She was one of my faves of the night just because I have a thing for fitted dresses! Then the way the dress meets her neck ... I love this look!

Rihanna walked the carpet late in the game, but one of the interviewers  told her she was his favorite everything and he looks for her every year. ..and for great reason- she always werrrrks! 

She & Lala are seated at the same table tonight and enjoying it.. Rihanna was captured by Lala showing off her amazing black cat nails.

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  1. Hated it the hair the makeup n all she looks dead n I like Rih..