Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rihanna Caught in the Act With Strippers {Photos}

Rihanna is always rumored to be dating someone new.. most recently it's been Ashton Kutcher & rapper Meek Mill. Well, Rih may have given the rumor mill something to turn about last night as she attended Meek's birthday bash at Perfections Strip Club... yep.. strip club.

Rih tweeted that Strippers are the best stress reliever for her.. and it's understandable that someone in her shoes would be stressed out. She tweeted out these photos of herself at the club having a ball and the one above once she returned home after a long night of partying.

Rih definitely is doing her right now.. enjoying her life and even cracking on the people who constantly tell her she's not a role model. It's obvious that she's done enough living for other people and is now doing whatever she wants.... commendable.

Rihanna was joined by DJ Enuff, her bff Melissa and a few others at Meek's big bash...The photos arent for everrrrybody... they capture Rih in the very moment of tossing $$$$ on strippers... so.. tread carefully.. lol
DJ Enuff & the birthday boy Meek Mill

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