Monday, May 21, 2012

#PressPlay- @TheRealOMGGirlz are Back With Another Hit!- Where the Boyz At

The  little queens of Pretty Hustle are back with a follow up to their hit record Gucci This and believe me it's just as dope! The 3 ladies come together to talk about a topic most teenage girls do talk about... BOYS!

This is one song that Im sure the girls will love! Even women twice their age can relate to wanting the "right guy". With the same swagged out vibe as Gucci This , in Where the Boyz At the girls speak on wanting somebody who matches their "fly". I'm sure thats difficult to do considering how fly the OMG Girlz are. :0)

Check out their latest below and stay tuned for more from them!

FunFact- The OMG Girlz are the most popular people on! Yep.. their posts have the most reads. Im glad we've been able to support them from the very start! We wish them much continued success!

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