Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Preoccupation With Rihanna: Chris Brown Wheres Karrueche, Meek Mill Wheres Your Babymama, & Drake Wheres Your Sweater

I can't remember ever being this tired of blogging about something in 3 yrs. I know its whats news rt now and yall want to read it, but it's quite exhausting to be totally honest. See.. we have a bunch of grown men (?) playing highschool twitter the girl is mine and a hoe games over a woman who is single. I'll try to sum this up..

Since Chris Brown's release of Thera Flu- which everyone assumed was a diss to Rihanna, things between these two have really heated up (on twitter). Rihanna blocked or unfollowed him... he returned the favor. Meek Mill (who supposedly is the person Chris was referring to in Thera Flu) continued to insinuate that he's slept with Rihanna, then did a radio interview stating that he hadnt. He claimed that he has a girl at home and all of the Rihanna rumors are effecting his relationship, but THEN he brought the insinuations back via twitter.

Rihanna meanwhile is kicking it and enjoying life. Two nights ago she happened to be out spotted with another rumored old flame- Drake.

Of course once pictures circulated of them- right after coincidentally Chris Brown had to say something:
She's a dream chaser! There are alot of dreamers so she'll be running forever!
Then Meek Mill said something:
Dese chicks belong 2 da game....not u! Never get confused and think that's all u!
Then Meek's managers and friends assuming Chris' tweet was shade at Meek who just released his mixtape Dream Chasers 2, go IN on Chris Brown via instagram.. making  obvious references towards him with major shade..

Then just when I hoped he was staying above this kid play-Drake chimes in..

The shade obviously pisses Chris off again because he tweets then deletes the following...

@chrisbrown: Id like to send the bullshit a BiG FUCK YOU from the bottom of my ballz! Lol.. Real nigga! Goodnight!
& at some point Drake & Chris unfollow each other during this.. Chris continues to talk about this all making a great movie and so on...man....Chris Im so rooting for you.. but you're making it impossible. He tweets the rudest things and then goes back and deletes them. How about think before acting!! Come on Chris!

Meanwhile Rih Rih tweets probably the most disturbing of all of the tweets-

She soon deletes that and starts tweeting how much she doesn't give a f*ck..in her attempt I guess to hide her true feelings...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO all of this is assumption right- we're not 100% sure that it all has to do with the same thing. They are all artists so Rihanna of course is going to hang out with her peers & these  are men who see women in every city so they could very well be speaking on random women. We could all be just trying too hard to put 2 and 2 together..but...

The tweets/unfollows are too coincidental though to not be about what we're assuming. There were way more tweets than the ones Ive shared above..but.. you get the point..

There are a few issues surrounding ALL of this that need to be addressed though.

Chris Brown has a girlfriend...remember her? Karrueche? Well where is she when her man is totally consumed with Rihanna's EVERY move? How does she feel about Chris being involved in twitter wars and beef pertaining directly to his ex? Chris' attention is so obviously on Rihanna making Karrueche look like a complete fool. It burns me to say that, but its the truth. No woman would stick around for this type of indirect shade......... Rueche wisen up.

Meek Mill has a girlfriend... remember her? The BabyMama? He talked about her in his interview and how these false rumors were tearing them a part or whatever. How and when is it ok for a man to then go right back to the same rumor mill? As for his boys - who are they and why are they playing these highschool games? If any of these guys were real men they'd get off of twitter and pick up a phone..but I guess the best way to get your career poppin is to be linked with one of the biggest artists of our time....

Drake has a sweater...remember it? NAh.. lolol but really..I think I recall him talking about how Rih sorta played him back when they first linked. I want to believe in my hearts of hearts that he wasn't referring to Rih with the hoe tweet- but considering ALL that has been happening why tweet that? Immaturity is running clean rapid..

A lot of info right..I know.  A lot of ridiculousness...and for what..? To sell a record, because this isn't really about grown men beefing. Grown men don't do this stuff via subliminal tweets on twitter- boy moves. I think it's sad that these guys are all battling over (in some way) a woman who is SINGLE! She may be sleeping with someone...........but Id be willing to bet it isn't half as many men as women that these guys (both single & NOT) are sleeping with.

End this already! Fans are OVER IT..where are Jay Z & Rick Ross? Wheres Mama J?? These KIDS need some serious pulling in. I think Rihanna's tweet about feeling safe is way too telling. As much as she hopes to act like she's not phased- we all know how much she loves Chris.. this has to hurt in some way. Has to. She's a human being and a woman. Hopefully she's taking care of herself and understanding that these guys are not real men and they are obviously not worth her time.

They are not even on her level.. I doubt that they can see her in her career, her success, or bank accounts! Not saying thats everything, but it is a point Rih should grasp considering all of this- keep working & don't be moved by the need for attention from these guys. I think she's just trying to be happy and live her life.

Unfortunately she's the IT girl right now, and boys need to feel popular. She too can benefit from just maturing a bit and not walking dead into traps with boys who won't be men. Rih needs to just chill if you ask me.. don't go to their parties and kick it with them.. unfollow them, and pray for TRUE happiness and peace of mind.

Though she has a few rappers/ and wanna be rappers attending to her every move- she also has millions of die hard fans who support her and want whats best for her. They are the people she should focus on....

They love, support, and fight for her as much as they can.. AND get this.. they actually " @ " the people on twitter. They actually risk being slandered and blocked by the fans of these celebs in defense of Rihanna. Honey child..if I were Rih I'd only attend to them and wait for God to send me a REAL man.. because these ones here.................................................. are boys...

While Chris tweets about growing up and being positive after deleting his bottom of the balls tweet... pics of Drake & Meek on stage together last night emmerge.  They are all attempting to appear unmoved by the drama, but at the end of the day they all are affected- especially Chris & Rihanna. If you're screwing somebody you don't need to share that information with the world. Be an adult. Chill.

I hope everybody has gotten this out of their systems and can go on about their lives starting fresh and new today. Forgive. Let go. Move on. Be kind. Be mature. Make good music. & PRAY...don't forget that because its REALLY what yall need.

P.S. Rih girl DROP any and all of these boys you're messing with..  atleast for now..ok? ok.


  1. Chris Brown is obviously obsessed. She needs to just move on from him and his games. You are so thorough Kayki!Not on twitter so I didn't know this stuff was going on!

    1. Yay!! Thats EXACTLY why I wrote this loooooong post for people who are new to the whole thing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Singing " Why you so obsessed with me" I dont know why this guy acts like such a vagina. I'm a Rihanna fan and CB fan but after the song I unfollowed him (not that it matters but it matters to me). He has a lot of maturing to do. I really lent my support to them when Rihanna extended the olive branch but CB is his own enemy. I think at this point he needs to direct his attention to his present girl.

    Sorry I wrote a mini blog to your blog but this is getting on my last nerves with these 2 love/hate fest!

    1. LoL.. I def can't complain after you read through this novel! Its totally ok. Thanks for sharing.. I agree with you in many ways. I think he's losing a couple of fans due to his inability to not react. Its sad because I really think Chris is one of the greatest performers of our time. Hopefully they figure it out.

  3. Well I hit Meek mill this past weekend, it was amazing! :)