Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo of the Week! Rihanna & Rita Ora Kisses! #RocLove

Since the recent debut of Rita Ora -fans and music heads alike have wondered just what her Roc Nation family Rihanna thinks of her. The comparisons have been on going, and Rita has been very vocal about how much she admires and respects Rihanna.

Rih Rih has been THE princess of the Roc for years, and for Jay Z to be backing another artist very similar to her gave many people reason to believe that Rihanna had some ill feelings. Rita's career has launched in a major way, she's had a number one single and been praised by some of the who's who of the industry. This may have led people to believe Jay was fading Rihanna out and bringing in the new.

Only problem with that is Rihanna has not slowed down a bit. Surprisingly to me it feels like Rihanna's career has flourished even more over the past year. She's branched out to movies, her perfume line is doing well, and recently did a stint with Armani. Rih's not going anywhere anytime soon.

The two met up in London this past weekend to celebrate TyTy's birthday. Actually the whole Roc Family was in full force. Photos emerged of Jay, Kanye, Rita, and Rihanna all hanging out. Also tagging along were Kim (Kanye) & Rob (Rita) Kardashian. Plus Jay's good friends Gwenyth Paltrow & Chris Martin of Coldplay.. we all wish Bey had been spotted too, but Im sure she's in full rehearsal mode for her concerts starting the 25th!

Rita tweeted the photo of Rihanna giving her smooches and people went crazy! The photo speaks for itself- they wuv each other!

Looks like to me that there are enough fans for both of them to have support.  Theres room for both of these divas to rock out, and of course I love it! Seems like there is no love lost for Rih either as she made history over the weekend being the ONLY artist to be invited on the stage at the Watch the Throne tour! It's all the Roc baby!!

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