Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An Open Letter to My Baby Sister on Her Birthday

Dear Ta'Riah,

Woah! Where has the time gone? Seems like just yesterday Godmommie was trying her best to explain to me that somebody was coming to join OUR family. We know the story- I didn't care too much for the situation at the time, I was so used to it just being she and I. Little did I know she was giving me one of the best gifts I'd receive in life.

As I sat this morning thinking about you and praying for this next year in your life, I got a bit emotional thinking about how far you've come. People are always ready to remind me that you have a ways to go (as if I don't know that), but don't we all?! What stuck out the most to me this morning is how sincerely proud I am of the lady I see you growing up to be.

As your big sister, there are a few pieces of advice I'd like to give you for this next phase in life. You have always had your own way of doing things, always. This is a trait I hope you keep and develop. Don't be easily swayed by what other people are doing or thinking. They can't live for you and most of them wouldn't if they could. Try to accept people for who they are and try not to expect from them more than they've shown you they are capable of giving you...thats only fair....

Learn to forgive, but don't allow people to mistreat you. Thats such a simple thing right, but you'd be amazed at how many adults struggle with that thin line. You're an amazing individual, but you will continue to make mistakes. That forgiveness has to apply to yourself as well. Be patient with you. You're beeeaauutiful and smart, but you're not perfect. This is all of our first go at this life and we're all sort of finding our way, so a bump or two here and there are to be expected.

Men will find you attractive more and more as you grow into this amazingly beautiful grown woman... TC.. they will FLOCK.. it's in their nature. Remember this, most of them won't be worth your time, let alone your energy. Pray for wisdom in knowing who to attend to and who to let wish upon a star. A man should always respect you, your body (ears, eyes, EVERYTHING). You've had some great examples so you know what to expect. Don't ever expect me to be head over heels for anybody at first.. I've been in the game longer- and I've got a lot at stake with you. It's not me being mean, it's me being your big sister.

Pay attention to the people you love-especially Aleria. Be a better big sister to her than I have been to you both. Pay her attention. Ask her about her life, boys, school, all of it and often. You'll soon learn how fast life will make her seem unteachable and it's a hard pill to swallow. She's watching you whether you know it or not. She admires you whether you know it or not. She's the closest thing to you..whether you know it or not and she's a gift. Don't forget her in your daily routines.

Try to better understand Godmommie... whew now this is the fun part. As you get older Mom in some weird way turns into friend. You'll start to clearly see her sacrifices and just how much she has done for your betterment. There are things about her that you will NEVER understand, but remember she is a person too. Sometimes it's hard to see your parent as a person who had a life before you came around and still has one. She's one of the best doing it.. make sure she knows you appreciate her.

Lastly TC, know that you are capable of doing whatever you'd like, but you have to want to do the stuff that gets you there. You have to always know the balance between selfishness and selflessness and how to use it in life. It's ok to be a bit of both- actually necessary at times..figure that out fast. I see so much potential in you it's amazing and I am SO beyond excited about watching you grow into a woman. Your big sister LOVES you. I appreciate you. You can and will never be replaced. I hope you have a great birthday!.

Love, NiNi

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