Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh No! Usher Breaks Into Tears in Court Fighting for His Kids {Video}

I was hoping this custody thing between Usher & Tameka would come and go in peace, but it doesnt look to be the case. Ursherbaby took  the stand to give his side of their ongoing fueds and when asked about Tameka's claim that he's a bad dad- the tears began to fall.

Tameka claims that Usher does drugs (he admitted to smoking weed in the past) and that he prefers to party instead of be a good dad. Usher claims that Tameka attacked him and spit on his girlfriend Joyce.

Hopefully these two can work something out, but I'll say this- Tameka needs to chill on twitter. Her tweets and responses to Usher fans can hurt her in the end. I don't follow her but whenever her name is in the media and people start tweeting her their opinions she always finds her way into my timeline with some foolishness.

How about ignore people who have nothing to do with your life and be a mature woman and mother. Some of the stuff she says is remeniscent of elementary school..seriously. She also tweeted out her address to someone who said they'd put hands on her if they were Joyce.................seriously..... your address?! Come on. END.

Unfortunately its always the kiddies who get lost in the battle of pride and emotions during these processes. Hopefully while these two hope to discredit the other they wont forget whats best for those adorable boys. - Also does Tameka have protection from JPat?...because................

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