Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nicki Minaj Clears the Air Once & For All Surrounding Fan's Death

Nicki Minaj fans and spectators recently learned of a tragic death among her supporters. While touring in Japan it was originally reported by many media sources that a fan of Nick's- Nicola Furlong- was murdered following a concert. Nicola was an exchange student from Ireland, studying in Tokyo.

Naturally because MOST entertainment media sources like to twist stories, somehow members of Nicki's band were tied to the murder. It was reported that two members of her crew were arrested and questioned regarding the murder.

This morning Nicki Minaj who is just as taken a back by this tragedy as we all are, took to her twitter account to state the facts. According to her tweets below- no one in her crew was arrested that night in connection with anything.

Good for Nicki for clearing that up. My heart still goes out for this beautiful young lady's family & friends. 

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