Thursday, May 10, 2012

UPDATE: Rihanna BLOCKS Chris Brown on Twitter After he releases Thera Flu & Mercy Freestyles

Chris Brown releases 2 freestyles at once with his rhymes over two of the hottest records out right now- Mercy & Thera Flu (Way Too Cold).

In them Chris spits what could be taken as some subliminal shots at his exes amongst other things. Take a listen below. Fans are convinced this is a diss aiming right at Rihanna..which got a few of them quite upset. Lets keep in mind that Chris has dated a few women in the past.

Check out the records below.



UPDATE: Well looks like Rihanna thought this was about her after all. After what seems to have been a bit of twitter beefing on and off for a while.. At first it appeared they had simply unfollowed one another, but Rihanna's fans were convinced she blocked him.

Welllllllllll not soon after this photo circulated on twitter of Chris Brown's favorited tweet (which he immediately deleted) that says she blocked him.

Man.. I can..not with them. It's too much and especially on a social media network.

 Now, I've been blocked before by an old associate (can you believe it!? lol ) so please understand for those of you who think it means nothing- it definitely means SOMETHING. To take the time to visit a page just to say I dont want you to see me and I dont want to see you & actually push that block button.......its like a small expression of disgust...

Rihanna seems to be over it already though. She tweeted out her infamous " No 1 Curr" statement just after the releases and of course it trended for like 2 seconds. Rihanna dated Drake and has been linked to -well- whoever she has been seen with over the years really. We don't really know for sure if she's ever been with any of them really.. it's just what the media loves to do with her.

In what seems to be another "Clapback" Rih tweets Drake's lyrics from his song Made Men...

HOPEFULLY these two can END this twitter war in the public and settle whatever needs settling in person/private..wishful thinking?? 

Don't forget where you heard it firrrrrst in a bit.. it will be everywhere!


  1. This nigga is still so in love, it's really sad. It's so obvious. Like you said on twitter Kayki when you're over something you don't keep bringing it up, unless its for promotions and thats an even sadder situation. I feel he went way too hard and obvious, even though you trying to play it safe you know he talking about Rihanna Kayki.

    1. Yes! He don't say shit when his girlfriend tweet him but you can always tell when him and Rih into it. Just get back together already.

  2. I can agree with some of this but you never know whats going on in this situation or if he's even talking about Rihanna. He could be talking about Draya from bbw because didnt he date her and she BEEN around! I think you're a fan and just assuming and being harsh.

  3. breezy is an idiot if he can't see that rihanna's recent acting out is just in an effort to get his attention. that girl really loves him and it will be a sin and a shame for him to let her get away after her love has been so strong. at the rate that he's going even on twitter he's about to regret his actions.

  4. Rihanna just tweeted that she dont care so it is about her, but bitch yes you do. These two have a lot of growing up to do, but I'm sorry I feel like if Rihanna wants Chris back she need to stop showing her goods all over for the world to see. She should chill out.

  5. All I got to say is you on yo shit Kayki and they'll be back together by the end of the year.