Monday, May 14, 2012

Kanye Caught Smooching Kris Jenner!!??..oh wait..

Thats just Kim in a short wig! Whew! lol

Over the weekend Kim K revealed that she's over seas shooting for Vogue! Thats not really news worthy.... buuuut if she happens to be smooching on her new boo Kanye.. now thats worth a post!

KimYe is slowly becoming a favorite couple of ours because they just seem to make sense. Kanye is currently supporting his girl and the proof was in the pudding when photos emerged of him on set with her looking too happy to be there.

Kanye and Kim have been everywhere lately.. I MEAN everywhere! It's the only down part about this relationship ..they both LOVE attention.. hope that works out for them. Go KimYe!

Oh..p.s. Kim &/or Vogue.. that short hair cut is not letting you be great.. I dont dig it atall!

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