Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jay Z Says He Supports President Obamas Stance On Gay Marriage

I've always thought it as something that was still holding the country back.

Jay Z said to CNN after his big announcement of the Made in America Music Fest.  No, he wasnt talking about the music festival- he was referring to President Obama's announcement last week in support of the right for gay couples to marry one another.

Jay Z & wife Beyonce have always been Obama supporters from the start of his campaign for Presidency. They've helped rally their fans and people of their generation together in support of him as well. So, needless to say, Jay's words carry weight with lots of young people..this is major.

Jay made it clear to CNN that he doesn't think this has anything to do with votes, but that it was the right thing for the President to do as a human being. Some would disagree, but I doubt Jay cares.

It's no surprise that celebs are coming out left and right in support of the President's stance. More on who supports him and who thinks it was a political move on MTV.

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