Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Get Well Soon Rihanna + Her Sexy New Photoshoot!

Rihanna kept it 100 with one of her biggest fans on twitter last night. Rih was a bit inactive yesterday, and though most of the Navy knew she was under the weather, they still worried as to why. So, because she cares so much for them, she didnt keep em' in the dark.

After Navi member April tweeted her about her whereabouts she responded with a simple photo of her arm with an I.V. in it. This of course sent them all into action sending her get well wishes and telling her to rest. Some went into detail about how much they wish her good health and happiness even though they are fans of her music.

It was really sweet to see them send her so much love and Im sure it was a boost for her as well. Over night she sent out a couple more photos of her leaving NY and heading home to LA...where a familiar smile was waiting on her.

She also shared a hot new photoshoot with her fans that she did for fun with celeb photog Terry Richardson... in true Rihanna style..check it out below & all of the photos here:

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