Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Former Bad Boy rapper G-Dep gets 15 to life in NYC shooting

Rapper G-Dep on Tuesday was sentenced to 15 years to life for a two-decade old murder in NewYork City, the Associated Press reported. G-Dep, born Trevell Coleman, turned himself in to police in late 2010, reviving a cold case in which John Henkel was shot on a street corner in 1993.

G-Dep, 37, who had a short stint of fame while signed to Diddy's Bad Boy label in late 1990s and early 2000s (remember his hits "Let's Get It" and "Special Delivery?") was seeking redemption in the move and listened to his conscience after all those years.

His sentence was the minimum term for his murder conviction last month. A judge, prosecutors and even the jury foreman said G-Dep deserved credit for coming forward when he was never suspected in the case. In fact, the foreman wrote to the judge asking for leniency for G-Dep. The rapper sank into drug use and a roster of arrests on drug, trespassing and other charges. But he finished a drug rehab program and had released an album online in the months before he went to the police what he had done.

When he was just over 17 years old, G-Dep attempted to hold up somebody on a street corner in Harlem and fled on a bicycle, unsure whether Henkel had been hit, he told police. Authorities took those details and paired them with Henkel's death, but G-Dep's attorney pointed out discrepancies like the description of the man he robbed, a claim on which the rapper plans to appeal.

So, G-Dep will leave behind a wife and three kids and face the consequences of what he'd done so many years ago. Dep told MTV News that he has no ill thoughts towards anybody in terms of the trial and outcome.

Peep the video below of the hit music video, "Let's Get It," and be wowed all over again by the dancing kids!

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