Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#BALLINNN Rihanna & Justin Bieber Forbes Youngest Doin it!

Yasss get to the money honey! While most of us are running around concerned with their love lives and what not- Rihanna and Justin Bieber are riding around and getting it- Money that is!!

Today- Forbes Most Powerful Celebs list was revealed and among the top five are Oprah, Gaga, JLo, Rih, & JB! Oddly-JLo pulled in the number one spot followed by Oprah! Obviously this ranking is based upon more than income, but while we're at it, lets talk the pockets of the youngins in the top 5!

Our girl Rih Rih is showing out with 53M last year at the age of 24....thats major!! JB is showing out too! This little guy raked in 55 M... he's just a kid!!!!!! Insane. I can so dig it.. get that paper guys!!!!! 

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