Monday, May 7, 2012

A$AP Rocky on Chris Brown & Rihanna + Full Tim Westwood interview

I wanted to watch this video because I had NO clue who A$AP was. I mean, of course I know his music, but didnt know much else. Tim Westwood is also one of my favorite interviewers to engage in because he's so personable and isn't afraid to ask questions.

So, the interview is a regular TW jump off, career questions interlaced with very random ones. Around the 6:20 mark he randomly asks A$AP about Chris and Rihanna fresh off of the two jumping on a record together. 

 As of late I haven't heard any celebrities speak highly of Chris & Rih as a couple, it's all been how she needs to stay away from her abuser. 

 I think thats the answer people think they are supposed to give, but A$AP said exactly how he felt about it.. you may be surprised... check it out below.

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