Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nicki Minaj Clears the Air Once & For All Surrounding Fan's Death

Nicki Minaj fans and spectators recently learned of a tragic death among her supporters. While touring in Japan it was originally reported by many media sources that a fan of Nick's- Nicola Furlong- was murdered following a concert. Nicola was an exchange student from Ireland, studying in Tokyo.

Naturally because MOST entertainment media sources like to twist stories, somehow members of Nicki's band were tied to the murder. It was reported that two members of her crew were arrested and questioned regarding the murder.

This morning Nicki Minaj who is just as taken a back by this tragedy as we all are, took to her twitter account to state the facts. According to her tweets below- no one in her crew was arrested that night in connection with anything.

Good for Nicki for clearing that up. My heart still goes out for this beautiful young lady's family & friends. 

Chris Brown Releases More Music- Countdown

In recent weeks fans have been spoiled rotten by Breezy. He's released videos & new music almost daily!

Keeping Team Breezy preoccupied with his music and not his personal drama seems like a full time job in itself. Not hard to do when your falsetto is this clean though.. check out Countdown below then head over to his Vimeo account to see the brand new video from Chris, Big Sean, & Wiz- Till I Die- directed by Chris himself!

Chris' highly anticipated album Fortune drops July 3rd.

Massacre in Syria brings global outcry for intervention

In case you're not aware of what's going on around the world, or wonder what the hashtag #HoulaMassacre is about, this blog post will surely send a chill down your spine. Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime is under serious fire after a gruesome massacre that the United Nations said involved close-range shootings of scores of children and parents in their homes. The picture shows bodies being buried in a mass grave in Houla.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bizarre news: Naked face-eater killed in Miami

Now this is just gross. A naked man was chewing the face off another man on a Miami highway over the weekend, in a zombie-like incident! Yeah. The man was identified as Rudy Eugene, 31, according to CBS Miami. Witnesses and police said Eugene attacked another naked man, chewing off up to 80 percent of his face before being shot multiple times by Miami police.

Bobby Brown Says Bobbi Kristina Wont Repeat Her Parents' Mistakes

Bobby Brown recently sat down with MTV's Sway to discuss his upcoming project The Masterpiece set to drop June 5th. We havent had a solo project from Bobby in over 14 yrs. I can't help but to wonder how well his audience or this new one will receive the once King of R&B.

Bobby is responsible for hits like, My Prerogative that has been embraced by generations beyond his own. Bobby is probably most recently known for being the ex husband of the incomparable Whitney Houston and the father of her only child. Since Whitney's heart breaking death he's made headlines as many wanted to find a way to blame him for her death.

They also wished to bash his relationship with daughter Bobbi Kristina. He has attempted to stay positive in the face of the media and still is hopeful that his "Baby Girl" will stay clear of the issues she witnessed her parents endure. Check out part of his interview below!

Get More: Music News

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Preoccupation With Rihanna: Chris Brown Wheres Karrueche, Meek Mill Wheres Your Babymama, & Drake Wheres Your Sweater

I can't remember ever being this tired of blogging about something in 3 yrs. I know its whats news rt now and yall want to read it, but it's quite exhausting to be totally honest. See.. we have a bunch of grown men (?) playing highschool twitter the girl is mine and a hoe games over a woman who is single. I'll try to sum this up..

Since Chris Brown's release of Thera Flu- which everyone assumed was a diss to Rihanna, things between these two have really heated up (on twitter). Rihanna blocked or unfollowed him... he returned the favor. Meek Mill (who supposedly is the person Chris was referring to in Thera Flu) continued to insinuate that he's slept with Rihanna, then did a radio interview stating that he hadnt. He claimed that he has a girl at home and all of the Rihanna rumors are effecting his relationship, but THEN he brought the insinuations back via twitter.

Rihanna meanwhile is kicking it and enjoying life. Two nights ago she happened to be out spotted with another rumored old flame- Drake.

Of course once pictures circulated of them- right after coincidentally Chris Brown had to say something:
She's a dream chaser! There are alot of dreamers so she'll be running forever!
Then Meek Mill said something:
Dese chicks belong 2 da game....not u! Never get confused and think that's all u!
Then Meek's managers and friends assuming Chris' tweet was shade at Meek who just released his mixtape Dream Chasers 2, go IN on Chris Brown via instagram.. making  obvious references towards him with major shade..

Then just when I hoped he was staying above this kid play-Drake chimes in..

The shade obviously pisses Chris off again because he tweets then deletes the following...

@chrisbrown: Id like to send the bullshit a BiG FUCK YOU from the bottom of my ballz! Lol.. Real nigga! Goodnight!
& at some point Drake & Chris unfollow each other during this.. Chris continues to talk about this all making a great movie and so Im so rooting for you.. but you're making it impossible. He tweets the rudest things and then goes back and deletes them. How about think before acting!! Come on Chris!

Meanwhile Rih Rih tweets probably the most disturbing of all of the tweets-

She soon deletes that and starts tweeting how much she doesn't give a f* her attempt I guess to hide her true feelings...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO all of this is assumption right- we're not 100% sure that it all has to do with the same thing. They are all artists so Rihanna of course is going to hang out with her peers & these  are men who see women in every city so they could very well be speaking on random women. We could all be just trying too hard to put 2 and 2 together..but...

The tweets/unfollows are too coincidental though to not be about what we're assuming. There were way more tweets than the ones Ive shared above..but.. you get the point..

There are a few issues surrounding ALL of this that need to be addressed though.

Chris Brown has a girlfriend...remember her? Karrueche? Well where is she when her man is totally consumed with Rihanna's EVERY move? How does she feel about Chris being involved in twitter wars and beef pertaining directly to his ex? Chris' attention is so obviously on Rihanna making Karrueche look like a complete fool. It burns me to say that, but its the truth. No woman would stick around for this type of indirect shade......... Rueche wisen up.

Meek Mill has a girlfriend... remember her? The BabyMama? He talked about her in his interview and how these false rumors were tearing them a part or whatever. How and when is it ok for a man to then go right back to the same rumor mill? As for his boys - who are they and why are they playing these highschool games? If any of these guys were real men they'd get off of twitter and pick up a phone..but I guess the best way to get your career poppin is to be linked with one of the biggest artists of our time....

Drake has a sweater...remember it? NAh.. lolol but really..I think I recall him talking about how Rih sorta played him back when they first linked. I want to believe in my hearts of hearts that he wasn't referring to Rih with the hoe tweet- but considering ALL that has been happening why tweet that? Immaturity is running clean rapid..

A lot of info right..I know.  A lot of ridiculousness...and for what..? To sell a record, because this isn't really about grown men beefing. Grown men don't do this stuff via subliminal tweets on twitter- boy moves. I think it's sad that these guys are all battling over (in some way) a woman who is SINGLE! She may be sleeping with someone...........but Id be willing to bet it isn't half as many men as women that these guys (both single & NOT) are sleeping with.

End this already! Fans are OVER IT..where are Jay Z & Rick Ross? Wheres Mama J?? These KIDS need some serious pulling in. I think Rihanna's tweet about feeling safe is way too telling. As much as she hopes to act like she's not phased- we all know how much she loves Chris.. this has to hurt in some way. Has to. She's a human being and a woman. Hopefully she's taking care of herself and understanding that these guys are not real men and they are obviously not worth her time.

They are not even on her level.. I doubt that they can see her in her career, her success, or bank accounts! Not saying thats everything, but it is a point Rih should grasp considering all of this- keep working & don't be moved by the need for attention from these guys. I think she's just trying to be happy and live her life.

Unfortunately she's the IT girl right now, and boys need to feel popular. She too can benefit from just maturing a bit and not walking dead into traps with boys who won't be men. Rih needs to just chill if you ask me.. don't go to their parties and kick it with them.. unfollow them, and pray for TRUE happiness and peace of mind.

Though she has a few rappers/ and wanna be rappers attending to her every move- she also has millions of die hard fans who support her and want whats best for her. They are the people she should focus on....

They love, support, and fight for her as much as they can.. AND get this.. they actually " @ " the people on twitter. They actually risk being slandered and blocked by the fans of these celebs in defense of Rihanna. Honey child..if I were Rih I'd only attend to them and wait for God to send me a REAL man.. because these ones here.................................................. are boys...

While Chris tweets about growing up and being positive after deleting his bottom of the balls tweet... pics of Drake & Meek on stage together last night emmerge.  They are all attempting to appear unmoved by the drama, but at the end of the day they all are affected- especially Chris & Rihanna. If you're screwing somebody you don't need to share that information with the world. Be an adult. Chill.

I hope everybody has gotten this out of their systems and can go on about their lives starting fresh and new today. Forgive. Let go. Move on. Be kind. Be mature. Make good music. & PRAY...don't forget that because its REALLY what yall need.

P.S. Rih girl DROP any and all of these boys you're messing with..  atleast for now..ok? ok.

LOVE: Will & Jada Are 15 Yrs. Strong.. Will Tells Why!!!

Will Smith and wife Jada are one of Hollywoods hottest and most loved couples! Even through rumors of splits and infidelity, they have managed to stick together, raise some beautiful & talented kids, and look great doing so!

Will says its all about supporting one another and putting their kids and family first! Great advice Will. In the latest issue of PEOPLE he further goes into detail about how they manage to do so,
"Being there for each other and being present with our kids is the most important thing. I take being a parent very seriously."

Will and Jada will make 15 yrs. coming this December and he's still gushing over his bride:

I'm so lucky to have someone like Jada. She's really an incredible woman, wife and mother...she is just absolutely hardcore, like she absolutely is unfazed by the weight and the pressures of life. She is so calm and cool and easy in any situation. She can bear anything, and I just love that about her
And..we all know how Jada feels about her boo.. remember this sexy song/video she made him for Valentines Day?!
The two have two kids together Willow, 11 .. Jaden 13, and Jada is very much so active in Will's oldest son Trey's life as well- who is 19. I love how they make it work. Im sure it's not as easy as it looks, but I hope they continue to stick it out!
Dont forget to check out MIB 3 in theatres nooow!!

New Video: Nas- Daughters (Destiny has grown up!!!!)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hey Mrs. Carter - Bey Shares New Pics!! The RING is still AMAZING! lol

Yaasssss Bey... werk. This is just one shot of the impeccable show Beyonce put on this weekend in AC.

The new mommie made her comeback show one to remember as if any of us ever felt like she left. To follow up she's shared some exclusive photos on her tumblr that all depict that she is as her hubby Jay Z said the best performer alive!!!

Bey looked amazing to after having had Blue in January. I love how she really embraces being a mommy, wife, and boss and makes it look easy!

Check out more photos here!!!

Rihanna & Drake Kick It in Miami

Photos emerged last night of Rihanna first spotted at Drake's video shoot. Then.. shortly after new photos popped up of her at club Liv in Miami where rumored old flame Drake and the YM crew were hanging.

Rihanna and Drake have somewhat of a history I guess. They've been rumored to have dated before, have made videos with loooottttsss of chemistry in them, and he's even referenced her in a song or two- but who hasnt by now.

Not sure if anything is popping off between the two and not sure if I want it to lol. I think Rih is just doing her right now & I dig that!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

BEYONCE Returns to the Stage & Covers Lauryn's Ex Factor + Whitney Tribute

I try to let the weekends be my days off blogging but.............. BEYONCE! lol

In what most are proclaiming to be her best show to date- the legendary Beyonce' returned to the stage after a long haitus! Why did she leave her adoring fans waiting so long? Well in January Bey & hubby Jay Z welcomed their first child Blue Ivy & Bey has been swamped with simply being a mommy!

So, to say the least the standards were raised uber high and the question was, can she come back like she never left after just having a baby and being gone so long? Well, Bey answered and THEN SOME. I wasn't there, but the people in my timeline who were made it clear... SHE'S BACK!

Covering all of her hits as well as a classic Lauryn Hill song, Beyonce gave lucky fans the show of their lives. She looked amazing and from these vids.. sounded amazing. Most of us got to experience the show via twitter.. mostly thanks to fellow  blogger Miss Jia who kept us in the loop step by step and even got us vids! Thanks Jia!!!

Bey's performance last night was so great that legendary rapper Jay Z even had to tweet about it! He simply said-

"I'm gonna say this and then I'm gonna end mine." BEYONCE is the best performer in the world. Period.
Well... he iiiissss her husband, but we're led to believe that those are sincere feelings regardless.. & how sweet of him to state the fact. LOVE THEM! Anywho-- check out some photos and vid of Bey's set last night! Lucky fans still have a couple more nights to witness the Queen do her thing!

I wish I could call it a comeback... but it's almost like she never left!

Whitney Tribute

Ex Factor

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bey Takes Us Behind the Scenes: Beyonce's Revel Shows Kick Off TONIGHT {Vid}

Beyonce is just amazing, and though I am not there in person for her post preggo comeback-I am sooo excited that she's hitting the stage again doing what SHE DOES BEST! She kicks off her set in Atlantic City tonight.

Bey took fans behind the scenes to show off all of the planning that occurs to pull of an event of this magnitude. Just as we've all suspected from photos and such, she has enjoyed her new life as a mommy with Blue Ivy she admits getting back to her old job is a bit weird.

Well Bey we have so missed you!! We know you love Blue & we love her too, but we also know you can be supermom and continue to be BEYONCE! Bey is getting ready to completely SLAYYYYYY tonight!

Fellow industry ladies...................................................... hope you got all of your shine-ola on, because play time is over!

New Video: Chris Brown Turns Up His Sexy in Sweet Love

Fans have been waiting patiently for this one. Chris has been on his director swagg something heeavy lately, this time around it was for his own single - Sweet Love.

The video captures Chris fantasizing about his dream woman. The heat is all the way turnt up for those of you who think this guy sexy. The shirt is off and of course the dance moves are there for your pleasure.

Sweet Love is one of the many singles Chris has released from his upcoming album FORTUNE set to drop on July 3rd.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Video: Diggy Simmons- 4 Letter Word

My little Diggy is back with another video for his fans to lose it over. In the video he performs with a leading lady in mind.

Diggy's album Unexpected Arrival is AMAZING if you don't yet have it. So proud of this guy! He was recently nominated for 2 BET Awards and is really taking the industry by storm!

Check out his new video below.

#SHOCKING John Legend's Fiance Chrissy Has Also Sent out Death Wishes?!

Sigh... I'm sure by now you guys are aware of the jurahmah stemming from this years Billboard awards. Chris Brown gave an incredible performance and won an award. Of course everybody didn't think so. In this situation John Legend's girlfriend was one that caught a lot of peoples' attention. She didn't really care for Chris' performance and shaded it a bit by tweeting- "you can dance, but can you sing" or sooomething to that effect.

Well of course Team Breezy (or any group of die hard fans) were not for that and went in on her, probably saying some ridiculous things: According to Chrissy's page- heres an example of some of the things being said to her by Chris' fans..

Incredibly inappropriate in my opinion. Chris thought so too taking to his page to tell his fans to chill on the death threats because it's not right and it only furthers his haters' pointless existence. Naturally in protection of his lady John Legend responded....

Great point John & Chrissy... I actually agree with both of you. The only problem with this whole situation is that wrong is wrong... period. A death threat/wish to anybody is just wrong. As startled, taken a back, and adamant about it being wrong as Chrissy was yesterday- I was startled to get the email I received this morning.

A simple email- from a reader with  screen cap of Chrissy sending death wishes to ex Presidential candidate Sarah Palin..

So.. I'd like to ask... how is it possible to dish out what you can't take. How can one be so sincere and passionate about guns being shot only when the bullets are flying their way. Now, Im in no way excusing Team Breezy.. AT ALL.. it's wrong to wish death upon anybody, but what I am saying is Chrissy needs to take a dose of her own medicine.

As she said yesterday.. you can not say things like that and if a deleted account & public slander are good for TB in response to their death threats, then the same is due her. Moreover.. Team Breezy Im sure are a bunch of teens .... let their ignorance be charged mainly to that, but Chrissy, where was her maturity in her threatening days?

This is 2012 people, everything can come back and bite you in your butt. Just be kind to all people in all situations as much as you can. There is room for everybody to be happy and successful.

Congrats to Chris & Chrissy on their recent successes. Lets chill on the hate!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#NewVideoPremiere: @KevinMcCall ft. @BigSean - Naked (Directed by @ChrisBrown)

It looks as though Chris Brown is ready to unleash the CBE crew on le world..first up long time writing partner and friend of his, Kevin McCall. They just released this brand new video for his single Naked and well.. from the title you can pretty much tell what the visual will convey.

The video features the fellas in sort of an art gallery that focuses on the beauty of the body and fashion. There are  couple of performance shots here and there and of course lots of pretty girls around. Chris has been getting his directoral swag on non stop it seems. Kudos to him!

Though a newbie on the solo tip-Kevin McCall is no stranger to the game at this point..he's partly responsible for a few of the jams Chris Brown has recently put out (Strip, Deuces,..) and can even be heard rapping/singing along with Chris on them.

He's definitely a looker ladies so.. with that and the talent Im sure he'll go far. Check out the video below!

Oh Nooo! Ray J Hospitalized After Billboard Award Altercation

We all know how hard Ray J took Whitney's death. They were we assume more than friends for years and he seemed to break into tiny pieces right before our eyes at her homegoing service. Well, Sunday's Billboard Awards where Whitney was honored may have been a little too much for him as well.

TMZ has reported that Ray J was hospitalized Monday morning. Word is, he got into an altercation of some sort with Whitney's family and was found the next day in his hotel room barely responsive. The reports are saying he was checked into a hospital for dehydration and exhaustion, lets hope thats all it was.

Get well soon Ray J!!

Oh No! Usher Breaks Into Tears in Court Fighting for His Kids {Video}

I was hoping this custody thing between Usher & Tameka would come and go in peace, but it doesnt look to be the case. Ursherbaby took  the stand to give his side of their ongoing fueds and when asked about Tameka's claim that he's a bad dad- the tears began to fall.

Tameka claims that Usher does drugs (he admitted to smoking weed in the past) and that he prefers to party instead of be a good dad. Usher claims that Tameka attacked him and spit on his girlfriend Joyce.

Hopefully these two can work something out, but I'll say this- Tameka needs to chill on twitter. Her tweets and responses to Usher fans can hurt her in the end. I don't follow her but whenever her name is in the media and people start tweeting her their opinions she always finds her way into my timeline with some foolishness.

How about ignore people who have nothing to do with your life and be a mature woman and mother. Some of the stuff she says is remeniscent of elementary school..seriously. She also tweeted out her address to someone who said they'd put hands on her if they were Joyce.................seriously..... your address?! Come on. END.

Unfortunately its always the kiddies who get lost in the battle of pride and emotions during these processes. Hopefully while these two hope to discredit the other they wont forget whats best for those adorable boys. - Also does Tameka have protection from JPat?...because................

#PressPlay Jam of the Moment: Ester Dean - Baby Makin Love

Arguably one of the hottest songwriters in the game- Ester Dean seems to be finally rearing up to release her own project. You heard her on Drop It Low with Chris Brown & Wayne, but you havent really heard it all.

Recently the song lyricist/singer leaked a record that is sure to turn heads. Baby Makin Love is a soulful record that showcases Dean's rhaspy and sultry voice over a groove. Dean has written or cowritten hits for all of your faves- Nicki Minaj (Super Bass), Rihanna (Whats My Name), Beyonce (Count Down), Kelly Clarkson (Mr. Know It All), and the list goes on!

True definition of a singer/songwriter! Check out this bangin song below!

Monday, May 21, 2012

#ThrowbackJam HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIGGIE!!!!!!!!

Today one of the greatest rappers of all time wouldve turned 40 yrs old. BIG was and still is one of the most respected and revered lyricists to ever touch the mic. Its hard to believe that he's gone even now.

His musical influence is still very obvious today, and because of his incredible gift his legacy will live on. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIGGIE!

#NewVideo: DJ Khaled & EVERYBODY @rickyrozay @chrisbrown @nickiminaj @liltunechi @drake lol - Take It to the Head

DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Ross, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown.. I mean just about everybody collaborated on this record. Seems like just yesterday they were shooting the video and now it's finally here.

The video captures the artists performing in the street with a few vixens here and there. TeamBreezy will love this one a little more than they did RBMS as Chris is all up and through it!

Also showing face were YMCMB's Drake & Busta.

Check the video out below!

Photo of the Week! Rihanna & Rita Ora Kisses! #RocLove

Since the recent debut of Rita Ora -fans and music heads alike have wondered just what her Roc Nation family Rihanna thinks of her. The comparisons have been on going, and Rita has been very vocal about how much she admires and respects Rihanna.

Rih Rih has been THE princess of the Roc for years, and for Jay Z to be backing another artist very similar to her gave many people reason to believe that Rihanna had some ill feelings. Rita's career has launched in a major way, she's had a number one single and been praised by some of the who's who of the industry. This may have led people to believe Jay was fading Rihanna out and bringing in the new.

Only problem with that is Rihanna has not slowed down a bit. Surprisingly to me it feels like Rihanna's career has flourished even more over the past year. She's branched out to movies, her perfume line is doing well, and recently did a stint with Armani. Rih's not going anywhere anytime soon.

The two met up in London this past weekend to celebrate TyTy's birthday. Actually the whole Roc Family was in full force. Photos emerged of Jay, Kanye, Rita, and Rihanna all hanging out. Also tagging along were Kim (Kanye) & Rob (Rita) Kardashian. Plus Jay's good friends Gwenyth Paltrow & Chris Martin of Coldplay.. we all wish Bey had been spotted too, but Im sure she's in full rehearsal mode for her concerts starting the 25th!

Rita tweeted the photo of Rihanna giving her smooches and people went crazy! The photo speaks for itself- they wuv each other!

Looks like to me that there are enough fans for both of them to have support.  Theres room for both of these divas to rock out, and of course I love it! Seems like there is no love lost for Rih either as she made history over the weekend being the ONLY artist to be invited on the stage at the Watch the Throne tour! It's all the Roc baby!!

#PressPlay- @TheRealOMGGirlz are Back With Another Hit!- Where the Boyz At

The  little queens of Pretty Hustle are back with a follow up to their hit record Gucci This and believe me it's just as dope! The 3 ladies come together to talk about a topic most teenage girls do talk about... BOYS!

This is one song that Im sure the girls will love! Even women twice their age can relate to wanting the "right guy". With the same swagged out vibe as Gucci This , in Where the Boyz At the girls speak on wanting somebody who matches their "fly". I'm sure thats difficult to do considering how fly the OMG Girlz are. :0)

Check out their latest below and stay tuned for more from them!

FunFact- The OMG Girlz are the most popular people on! Yep.. their posts have the most reads. Im glad we've been able to support them from the very start! We wish them much continued success!

Friday, May 18, 2012



Hope you all are enjoying your day! Today Im doing something a little different. I will be bringing you my updates in news & entertainment via our twitter account @KayKiSpeaks! If youre on twitter come say hello & get the latest!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#Premiere! New Video: @NickiMinaj ft. @ChrisBrown- Right By My Side & I Spy @Nas

George Zimmerman medical report reveals injuries

A medical report compiled by the family physician of George Zimmerman, the man accused of killing Trayvon Martin was obtained exclusively by ABC News this week. The report showed that Zimmerman was diagnosed with a "closed fracture" of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury the day after he fatally shot Martin, 17, during an alleged altercation in February.

#BALLINNN Rihanna & Justin Bieber Forbes Youngest Doin it!

Yasss get to the money honey! While most of us are running around concerned with their love lives and what not- Rihanna and Justin Bieber are riding around and getting it- Money that is!!

Today- Forbes Most Powerful Celebs list was revealed and among the top five are Oprah, Gaga, JLo, Rih, & JB! Oddly-JLo pulled in the number one spot followed by Oprah! Obviously this ranking is based upon more than income, but while we're at it, lets talk the pockets of the youngins in the top 5!

Our girl Rih Rih is showing out with 53M last year at the age of 24....thats major!! JB is showing out too! This little guy raked in 55 M... he's just a kid!!!!!! Insane. I can so dig it.. get that paper guys!!!!! 

Chris Brown & Karrueche Celebrate Her Bday With Friends

Last night Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche celebrated her birthday (which is tomorrow) with some close friends in LA.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Karrueche was celebrating with Chris for his big day and now it's her turn. Rumors are everywhere that Chris splurged even more on the woman in his life by buying thousands of dollars worth of alcohol for the festivities.

He must be treating her like a princess for the crap she puts up with on a daily- there arent many people on twitter who like her these days. She keeps the lowest of profiles and never responds to anything, but it has to get to her in some way. Chris must be one hell of a boyfriend to put up with the jurahma  that comes along with dating him.

Chris already bought her a Porsche earlier his year, so who knows what she'll be getting for her birthday!!

According to some of these photos they made sure to get it in.. and some... is that her butt in his face?!? Birthday Karrueche!

#RightOrWrong Ebony article drags Chris Brown After Alleged Rihanna Diss

Rihanna looks all smiles as she's greeted by fans with flowers,  but lately the Pop Princess has been the topic of many discussions not very smile worthy.  Of course Chris Brown is at the center of it all.

Much is to be said about this Rihanna and Chris Brown drama that continues to unfold. Since Chris' assumed Rihanna diss in his Thera Flu freestyle, Drake has also been accused of throwing some shade Rih's way.

Drake spit:
She came through, she brought food / She got f—ed, she knew wassup / She think I’m the realest out / And I say ‘Damn, that makes two of us’ / Oh that look like what’s her name / Chances are it is what’s her name / Chances are, if she was acting up / Then I f—ed her once and never f—ed again / She could have a Grammy, I still treat that a- like a nominee / Just need to know what that p—- like so one time, it’s fine with me.

Chris spit:
Don't f--k with my old bitch, it's like a bad fur/ Every industry n---- done had her/ Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her/ B*tch is breaking codes, but I'm the password.

Of course Chris immediately hit up his twitter account once Rih blocked him and her fans  went in on him, to deny that it was about Rih. He basically accused us all of assuming that it was about her and said that if she felt some kind of way, maybe it's guilt. 

Recently everyone from Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons to Ebony Magazine contributor Michael Arceneaux  have chimed in on Rihanna's behalf.. or in her defense. 

Though Russell changed his original post to not be so "straight forward" -Arceneaux isn't holding back any punches:

Chris Brown may have a smile that makes a Colgate exec melt and dance like Michael Jackson’s ghost is his choreographer, but if the lyrics to the recently released freestyle to Kanye West’s “Theraflu” are indeed about Rihanna, there’s a jerk factor still lingering there that needs immediate fixing. 

Chrianna in happier times..

He didn't stop there, he went on to express how ridiculous it is that Chris or Drake would even come for Rih as men who we all know have songs that praise the sexual freedom of women... the contradictions are staggering!  While I don't approve  of everything he said- he does have a few very valid points. 

Boy I had sooo much to say about this situation, but I stayed clear because it just seems like so many layers to unfold. Rihanna and Chris (specifically) need to take their relationship woes off of twitter as I said before. 

They are both in LA and should find a way to sit and talk things out, because this whole immature acting out/subtweeting thing on twitter is not what adults do. I hope they can get passed whatever they have going on and just be cordial.. currently in the twitterverse- Chris is still blocked, and maybe thats a   good thing for now.

Last night he was out celebrating with his girlfriend (yes he has one ..ahem..) for her birthday.. maybe he should focus on giving all of this attention to her and not his exes. Rih.. call my boo MATT

Read Ebony's full post HERE & a few photos of Rihanna below.