Monday, April 30, 2012

World Premiere #NewVideo Rihanna- Where Have You Been

The Navy has been not so patiently waiting for this video for a while. Rihanna has tried her best to keep them preoccupied with exclusive photos and behind the scenes videos until the video was finished & it's finally here!

Rihanna and her dancers go tribal as Rih sings about not being able to find her love interest. In one of the last behind the scenes released her Navy got to see her rehearsing some choreography which is rare- and they get to see that put to use in the vid too!

Rih proves she's got moves (and flexibility) and Im positive that her charge to Rihanna Navy to break the Vevo Record wont go unheard.


  1. get it rihanna!!!!! i dont think i ever seen her dance or anything she working it like she got a little chris brown in ha. ha!