Friday, April 6, 2012

Tip & Tiny's Daughter @Star_OMG Gets a Big Birthday Surprise from @Rihanna

I follow the adorable & talented OMG Girlz  on twitter, and its quite obvious to me how much Star loooves Rihanna. Well, in what I like to call a power move it looks slike Tiny put a huge smile on her baby girl's face.

Star just had a huge Sweet 16 party here in Atlanta where she not only had celeb guests but she also got a brand new Porsche!!! Sweet right?!

It seems as though Tiny may have been trying to get her an even bigger surprise by having Rihanna come to the party, but Rih's schedule didn't permit. Im sure it may have been a bit of a let down for Tiny, but that didn't stop her from doing something very special! Last night Zonnique got a text message from Rihanna! Sweet!

Star's Caption said it ALL!
I love it! Be sure to check the OMG Girlz out.. they are bringing girl groups back!!!

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