Thursday, April 19, 2012

#Shoegasm Kim Kardashian's Bangin' Casadei HOT Pink Heels!

A simple pump with a mean cut is a God send. You can wear it with anything and it adds a bit of sexy to whatever look you're going for. It's usually a breeze to find the basic colors- reds, blacks, even natural tones, but when you start looking for funky colored pumps it can be a bit of a headache...

*Que Casadei*

Last night- Kim Kardashian went on her usual twitpic'ing spree, this time to my personal delight. She tweeted
"I've waited sooo long for the perfect hot pink heel! I'm in love! #ThanksCasadei"
Perfect is so right! The color, the cut, the heel! Everything is just right about this shoe. There are not tricks or gimmicks about it- it's just a classic pump done right!!

Kim was spotted out partying in Hollywood with these babies on. She rocked a cuute silver dress with them. Weerrrrrkkk Kim!

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