Tuesday, April 10, 2012

@RitaOra Talks How She Feels About @Rihanna

Roc Nation's Rita Ora has been compared to some of everybody. When first signed the media said she was a Beyonce wannabe. Now that her music is being played on radio and her career is starting to really pop off, the comparisons have shifted to fellow Roc doll Rihanna.

The two have been rumored to have beef or ill blood because it seems the Rita is Rih Rih's replacement. Since becoming popular on twitter recently, Rita hasn't mentioned much about her team mate and Rihanna has been mum as well.

Naturally, this causes more speculation, but Rita clears the air once and for all in this short interview with the GrapeJuice I spied on the Singers Room today. She explains exactly how she feels about Rihanna.
"I take it as such a compliment because we’re from the same team and family so it’s an obvious comparison but it’s a cool one. She’s so cool and she’s the best at what she does. It’s a compliment more than anything,"
They both are very talented in their own right. Gonna be fun to watch Rita take off..she's adorable.

Meanwhile Rihanna is traveling the world promoting her new blockbuster hit Battleship. Can you say its the ROC!

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