Monday, April 16, 2012

Rihanna Hits the Stage for Coachella! {Photos/Vids}

Must be nice to have bodyguards who will hold you up for a few hours so you can get a good view of a show! Rihanna was spotted having a great time at Coachella on Sunday.

As Calvin Harris hinted, she joined him on stage to the audience's surprise and delight, and from the responses on twitter.. tore it down! Even her performance was a party it seemed, as her good friend Katy Perry joined her for a  moment.

Rihanna had the crowd going crazy, but she made sure to enjoy every moment of it. Photos capture the Roc Nation princess dancing, passing something (ahem.. if you've been following her on twitter/instagram, you know what that something is.). I may personally be over the photos of Rihanna and weed, no shade Navy.. just me.

 Rihanna was especially excited as everybody else was when an insanely real hologram of Tupac appeared on stage and performed with Snoop & Dre! This may have been what inspired her to write "thug life" across her stomach. She tweeted that she really was having the time of her life!

Check a short video of her there and a few photos below and of course many more here!

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