Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kim K Reps Kanye on Twitter.. Ok Ok.. We know!

We learned a few days ago that the romance thats been brewing between Kanye & Kim K for years has finally gone public. Kanye expressed his love for Kim in his latest release Theraflu.

According to US Magazine, the two have been madly in love for a while now. We first noticed a bit of a spark between them when Kanye appeared on Kim's reality show a couple years back:

Now it seems to be Kim's turn to return the favor, but of course in a not so direct way. According to an insider Kanye has been pursuing Kim for years and has finally gotten the chance to court her as the older people say.

Recently media has captured them at lavish restaurants and each others hotel rooms. Kim even attended Yeezy's show in Paris. So if those things don't point to a relationship in some subtle way, Kim has taken it a step further.

Yesterday on twitter, when her bff Lala stated she was little sick, Kim simply responded with an answered and sprinkled a little Yeezy on top.

Aw KimYe! Im starting to love you!

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