Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Founders Day Dearest @SpelmanCollege

I can remember like yesterday at 7 yrs old knowing for SURE I'd attend Spelman here in Atlanta GA. I didnt at that time understand the demand, slim chance, or even legacy of actually attending, I just knew I wanted to.

Now here we are almost 5 yrs after graduation and Im still in awe of the illustrious institution for growth that Spelman is. Today we celebrate that reality for it was in 1881 on this day, April 11 that Spelman College was founded.

Founded by Sophia B. Packard & Harriet E. Giles in the basement of  Friendship Baptist Church- it's mission and desire to help educate and enhance the lives of black women around the world has not changed. I am sure that Sophia & Harriet are beyond proud of the literal World Wide change and recognition that is carried with the name Spelman College today.

Humbly adorned with many accolades including the number 1 HBCU in the country year after year, Spelman and it's leaders are never ever satisfied with just ranks and awards. Spelman is about actual change in the world. We are known as beautiful, smart, and focused women, but we'd like more so to be known as world ambassadors. Women doing what we can when we can to help improve this world as we know it.

From the moments of Orientation week where we are drilled with our history and legacy, to the moment we walk across that huge stage we are being developed and conditioned to do it. To help make better the world we've been so graciously given by God. So I salute my Dear Spelman today!

I love you Spelman and Spelman Sisters for the rich history and legacy you have imparted into me.
Oh God forever bind, Our Hearts to Thine

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