Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fans Worried About Chris Brown's Health

Today I got a letter from a fan of Chris Brown's and honestly I can't say I haven't shared her/his concerns recently. Here is what "team breezy rep" had to say & my reply after pics:

hey kayki!! i love ur site and i have a question for u. im a huge chris brown fan and i also liked him and karruche together. i sometimes think that u prefer him with rihanna and alot of people do. my feelings are starting to change becuase ive been a very big fan of his from the beginning and i never seen him in such a bad shape. he looks very very thin and sad or disoriented in all of his pix. i love chris and if he is happy with this girl then thats cool, but it looks like with him he took a turn for the worst. i also read that karruche had a drug problem and that girl thats always with them is a drug dealer but i dont care who they are im just chris fan and worried bout chris health. i saw a picture of karruche smoking crack on the toilet! i know u will keep it real with what u know without blastin him. please do u know whats wrong? my sister said he just stressed about not being with rihanna and im not a fan of her but he did seem healthy and  happy with her, but even she look so bad now. so thats it kayki im just a fan and i know other fans are worried that hes on drugs or sick. some stuff he tweet and his drawings plus just look at old pictures from even the grammys and now. its scary. i know (***) said he look like a crack head i know u wouldnt write that about him but ud tell us what u know or ur honest opinion. we just want him to be healthy. thanks and srry for typs i dont usually email frm this phone!

team breezy rep
Photos of Chris recently..

Chris at the Grammys in February

Well, TBR here is what I think. As I stated earlier, I have found myself a bit concerned about his well being for some of the same reasons you mentioned. As a blogger, I see pictures of celebs every single day, so I usually notice changes in them that occur over time. Both he and Rihanna's images have drastically changed over the past few months. Both have lost lots of weight and their look is a bit darker emotionally. I have hinted about this in  previous posts, but hadnt planned on devoting a post to it in particular, because...people change and go through things, and honestly I don't know why.

Sometimes in situations where I dont know answers I just opt to be quiet, but since youre asking I'll give you my opinion. I think Chris is stressed the HECK out. I don't doubt he's using some recreational drugs like many his age are. What those drugs are Im not sure. I know he smokes cigarettes right? Which can cause some people to slim down a bit, and I don't doubt theres some weed usage there which can have the same effect on some people.

As for his girlfriend.. I have heard SO much about her and her friend. I think people just want to know who they are and since we don't people are making some things up, but based upon my own observance Im sure there is some relevancy in some of it. Karrueche seems like a party girl from LA...... so many things could potentially come from that. As for her infamous crack pipe photo.. she couldve been smoking anything out of that pipe- weed..crack..we don't know.

I do know that Chris seems to be in a rough place right now physically- but we never know. He may be just growing up and getting thinner. The visual is a bit much to handle and I could only imagine if I were a huge fan how big of a concern it would be. I'm sorry I don't have the answers. What I will say is as I have always said- Celebrity is a very VERY hard life to have. If you believe in God and have a favorite celeb, I encourage you to pray for that celeb's person. Meaning, don't just love their music and fancy life style, but pray for their health, peace of mind, and happiness.

 It's way harder than people think and considering the emotional roller coaster Chris has been on at such a young age- he probably really does need those prayers. His mom is one of my favorite people on twitter..she actually just started following me. She's so positive and keeps him lifted up at all times. So, Chris will get through whatever he's experiencing right now. Keep your head up!

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  1. thank u! i sent this i didnt think ud answer!!! i agree with u. im still worried though.

    1. LOL well hello Mrs. Brown.. you're sweet for being concerned! I always try to respond to my BabyKayKs. I hope he is well.

  2. He does look sick as hell. I think that girl is all bad for him.

  3. Thanks Kayki for your insights on this matter. Like you said, we are fans and all we can do is continue to support his music and pray that Chris finds peace & happiness. Whatever the case may be, he undoubtedly has faced a lot of challenges over the years and will break free of it with the help of God and his fans. I thank you for being a positive blogger and not participating in slanderous blogging like your counterparts...