Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diggy Speaks on Why He Dissed J Cole {Vid}

Diggy & J Cole in happier times

They look buddy buddy in this photo, but things may have changed since this photo was taken. Sure you've heard by now that Diggy came for J Cole after he allegedly dissed Diggy's older sister Vanessa on a track called Purple Rain... which at first listen one wouldn't know who he was talking about. According to Diggy Vanessa told him it was a low blow at her.

Diggy naturally took to the mic to respond to what JCole had to say about his sister with "What You Say to Me". The song isn't really just a JCole diss.. it really is an answer to everybody who has something to say about his family.

He talks about the Jojo comparisons as well as the many other questions surrounding his family members. JCole's portion just so happened to be the most popular for obvious reasons.  Check the full track below.

So following the online media frenzy that happened yesterday, Diggy spoke with radio to explain what his reasoning was and what his dad had to say about it all. I guess it just comes down to him sticking up for his sister. I don't think it needs to grow into anything more than it is.

Diggy says below that the track is really old, but doesnt seem apologetic at all for sticking up for his family.. check out the interview below.

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