Friday, April 6, 2012

Christopher Brown! Do We Spy a Karrueche Baby Bump!?

Just yesterday I received a tip from an "official TeamBreezy member" (not quite sure how that happens, but..) who was adamant that Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche is expecting. The stan for Breezy had a list of reasons as to how/why they knew for sure she was pregnant.

Most of which were mere speculation...until today.............. I woke to another email/tip with a photo that Chris tweeted out yesterday and well... what do you think?!  Does this look like a baby bump to you?

Im still up in the air about it, doesnt quite look like one to me, but hey.. could be. This wouldnt be the first time Karrueche is rumored to be expecting, Chris took to his twitter last year to put the rumor to rest after the internet exploded with reports.

I don't know,  but it doesnt seem to me that he & Rih Rih are all the way done & boyyyyy this could be a bit much..

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