Thursday, April 5, 2012

@ChrisBrown slows it All the Way Down for Strip Remix Produced by @KevinMccall

Chris Brown is not playing kid games much at all anymore. He's making non stop baby making music lately, and according to a few fans it may be because he's knocked up Karrueche!

Yep, a few members of TeamBreezy feel like that's why he's so stuck. Im not sure about all of that..he may just be really happy with her. Either way the music is definitely available from him if they ever needed it.. sheesh!

Yall remember little Chris who sang "Yoooo" & "Run it" those werent all the way PG lyrically either, but he was still just a little boy. Poof not anymore! He slows this record Strip down to a more R&B sensual feel. The remix features original collaborater CBE artist/producer Kevin McCall who is all shades of talented himself. Heck, the whole CBE squad is... I cant wait to hear more stuff from them. In the meantime enjoy Strip remix.

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