Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chris Brown SHAVES & Shoots "Sweet Love" Video in LA

As previously posted fans have been a little put off by Chris' looks. Some feel he's too skinny, and others just simply were not feeling his new facial hair. Well, while we can't say he's gained any weight in the day he's been back in the states- we can announce that he's finally shaved!

Chris made the announcement on twitter with photographic proof on instagram. Shortly after he began sharing pictures of what appears to be another dope Chris Brown video, this time around for his single Sweet Love. The video looks amazing.

 Chris is very visually artistic and I think it's part of the reason his videos are always so visually engaging. Sweet Love looks no different. As he captioned one of the below photos "A dream" the back drop is a smokey night street.. The Way You Make Me Feel -esque alley way with cars. Only- he's got beds lined of with women in them...yea Chris Im sure this is a dream for you. lol 

Check out some pics from the set below.. shared by Chris!

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