Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chilli Is Yet Killing the Game.. Sheesh.

Chilli is just baaad. This is crazy.  The mother of 1 who doesnt like her age to be spoken of looks incredible as always on the cover of this Fit Figures magazine.

Chilli is known not only for her incredible looks, but her commitment to eating healthy and exercise, which along with  some amazing genes are the reason that she's shutting most women half her age down in the looks department.

Out of respect for her wishes- I wont mention her age- but let me put it to you like this... TLC is celebrating 20 yrs in the game this year.. and Chilli wasnt a teenager when they stepped foot in. So with that in mind... she looks GREAT!

Loves Chilli- check out my interview with her HERE!

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