Monday, April 23, 2012

BTS: Rihanna's Harper's Bazaar Shoot

Rihanna tweeted with excitement the other day that she just shot her first Harper's Bazaar cover! Seems like she thoroughly enjoyed working with the publication and Im sure fans will enjoy the photos to come with .

Rihanna has always put in so much work. Seems like every week theres more that she's doing to advance her career. Some fans, especially number one fan site express their irritation with some media focusing on the things she does in her leisure.

Unfortunately, thats what gets the hits. It saddens me because it must be frustrating to work so hard, but not be allowed to have a personal life. Im guessing this is why Rih is such a straight shooter now. She says what she wants to who she wants when it comes to her personal business or photos that she doesn't make so personal.

Anywho- Rihanna is finding her way through her early twenties facing things Im not sure many of us have ever experienced or ever will..and from the looks of this HB shoot.. still looking great doing it. Rih was just nominated for 13 Billboard awards, has a blockbuster film making great numbers around the globe, a deal with Armani, and is working on next album somewhere in between.

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