Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beyonce Skypes "End of Time Remix" Winner!!

Beyonce is connecting with her fans like never before it seems. From personal pictures to surprise Skype dates, we're seeing her reach out in very personal ways.

Bey's camp launched a search for a hot remix to one of my jams from her latest album 4..End of Time. So many fans sent their remixes in hoping to be the lucky winner. A mix by Poland native Jimek ultimately caught Bey's attention.. and she got on Skype to let him know!

A couple of years ago I know her camp wouldve simply announced the winner of this competition and been on to the next, but obviously Bey is taking a different approach with her Bey Hive lately. Bey seemed so sincerely thankful to Jimek during her Skype date..probably as thankful to him for participating as he was to her for winning! Jimek was obviously shocked and humbled by the experience, it was terribly cute!

Congrats to him on this accomplishment! I dig the song and my 4 yr old niece just asked, "Tia, why is it different?" I told her because it's a remix, and asked her if she liked it, she replies, "Yes! I love it! Go Beyonce!" lol..then of course I had to explain everything to her :)


  1. BEY! *Jay Z voice* I love her shes so sweet it seems!

  2. and I like the remix to!