Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beyonce Launches New Site & Tumblr! Must See {Photos!!}

Queen Bey has been very busy for the passed few months it seems. We've seen her everywhere almost daily since Blue Ivy turned a month old. Now she seems to be gearing up to take over the industry again as she launched a very well thought out and fanbased site today.

The site aims to have a personal touch as it short letter from Bey on it to her fans - oops Beys. In addition to fan artwork and some behind the scenes photos, Bey's camp has taken some time to introduce some vocabulary to her fans/the world so that everybody is clear.

She outlines the different types of Bey fans, and their lingo. Now some people may overlook this as just lame, but please understand it is genius! This gives her fans a special connection and language to use on social media networks and will basically be a huge outlet for promotion and tracking her marketing...but anywho you guys don't care about the business aspect of the social media world so you're probably not as impressed as I am!

Bey took to her twitter today to announce her new site, but some people felt she was too high and might to be the person actually tweeting. Someone said "Yall know Bey has a peronal tweeter posting that right?!" Really guys?! She can't tweet herself.. chill Wasps! LOL..

Bey also launched her tumblr today -which we've been waiting for for a good 24 hrs. It features some really cool personal photos of Bey etween her and Jay are on there as well as some precious preggo photos! Lots of pictures, but one resounding theme.. Beyonce is BEAUTIFUL! Check out a few of the photos below!

Oooooooooooh Beyhive this is exciting!

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