Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Amazing Photos from Atlanta's #TrayvonMartin Ralley

Last week  I attended a march/ralley here in GA in protest of the murder and lack of justice for Trayvon Martin. This ralley also co served as an informative gathering to educate Atlantans on the ridiculous laws that many of us go unaware of, such as Stand Your Ground.

The ralley consisted of mainly college students from all across Atlanta though spearheaded by those of my alma mater Spelman College and our fellow AUC family: Clark Atlanta, Morehouse, ITC, etc.. GA State and other colleges and universities also came out in great number in their hoodies and with their signs.

Many of us just wanted to do SOMETHING in response to the murder of Trayvon and the fact that his killer still remains free. A few people gave speeches most with the same underlying theme: arrest George Zimmerman!

The speakers also took this time to encourage the thousands gathered to vote. Laws such as Stand Your Ground (which we know now is not applicable to the Trayvon Martin murder) are not made without our indirect consent. It is our duty as citizens to vote on every level and every chance we get to make certain our best interests are communicated.

The march was really something special. There were old people, young people, people of every skin color and background all gathered there to demand justice! Signs were very clear and powerful. Most of course were adorned in hoodies- which have become the symbol of Trayvon's injustice since we learned he had been wearing one when Zimmerman took his life.

Check out some incredible photos from the march that really capture the essence of such a powerful gathering. I'm saddened by Trayvon and the numerous other young black children who's lives are taken regularly, but I appreciate that it causes people to move and act.

S/o to the incredible 

@DrellLee_VP for the amazing photography!!

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