Monday, April 30, 2012

World Premiere #NewVideo Rihanna- Where Have You Been

The Navy has been not so patiently waiting for this video for a while. Rihanna has tried her best to keep them preoccupied with exclusive photos and behind the scenes videos until the video was finished & it's finally here!

Rihanna and her dancers go tribal as Rih sings about not being able to find her love interest. In one of the last behind the scenes released her Navy got to see her rehearsing some choreography which is rare- and they get to see that put to use in the vid too!

Rih proves she's got moves (and flexibility) and Im positive that her charge to Rihanna Navy to break the Vevo Record wont go unheard.

Kanye & Kim Kardashian Get Wicked!

Kimye stepped out to go see the Broadway classic Wicked last night in yet another public appearance.. Some feel like this relationship is just a publicity stunt. I'm not sure about that-they may be genuinely into one another.

They've been spotted out and about together now for a couple of months in what appears to be a relationship that has been brewing for years. Check out a couple more pictures of the hot paiiirrr below.

#Unfortunate!!! Khloe & Lamar is no more..

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have been going strong for a couple of years now. They are an adorable couple. Lately they have been in the news for a few struggles they're facing. For one- many people expected them to have had a baby by now, and that hasnt happened.

Also, Lamar has had a hard time getting his basketball career back up and running after moving to Dallas and a few weeks ago it was announced that he was leaving their team as well. It's been a rough go for the couple, but they seem to be enduring it together.

One thing they've decided not to endure is their reality show Khloe & Lamar. While E is trying to convince the couple to do another season- TMZ is reporting that the couple has decided they are finished letting cameras into their private space. Very understandable. Unfortunate for those who tuned in every week, but it's probably whats best for these two! Bye bye tv show!

Certainly some people were hoping this meant the two were ending their relationship (Im not sure WHY you'd hope such a thing) but nope! Im rooting for them!

Friday, April 27, 2012

New Video: Nicki Mina - Starships {Explicit}

Rihanna Takes the Navy BTS of WHYB Video Shoot!

Rihanna drops another exclusive look at the makings of her highly anticipated "Where Have You Been video. In the video you see production working on a few different looks for the shoot. Rih is seen in dark straight hair as well as a curly look.

The set gives a natural/tribal feel and in a rare occurrence- Rihanna actually has a few choreographed dance sets. Rih has promised that the highly anticipated video will air on Vevo on Monday- b/c "she's got the receipts!" lol

Amber Rose's New Hair!!

Amber Rose Khalifa is known for her fly style and appearance. One thing thats remained pretty constant over the years though is her hair. Short. Faded. Blonde. Well, looks like she's venturing off a bit from what we're used to.

Amber posted photos on her instagram showing her out and about with long blonde locks. She's set to marry fiance' Wiz Khalifa soon..maybe the hair is a test for her wedding day!?? Who knows, either way Amber is a cutie!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

#PressPlay: New Music #Brandy Featuring Chris Brown: Put It Down

A few weeks ago we learned that Brandy was in the studio working with Chris Brown who confidently tweeted that Brandy was the best female vocalist in the game- which I agree with---as you guys know!

The record- Put It Down was written by Chris and his artist Se7en..produced by Sean Garrett & Bangladesh.. check it out .. the single is on itunes May 8th!! Make sure yall get it!

Beyonce Skypes "End of Time Remix" Winner!!

Beyonce is connecting with her fans like never before it seems. From personal pictures to surprise Skype dates, we're seeing her reach out in very personal ways.

Bey's camp launched a search for a hot remix to one of my jams from her latest album 4..End of Time. So many fans sent their remixes in hoping to be the lucky winner. A mix by Poland native Jimek ultimately caught Bey's attention.. and she got on Skype to let him know!

A couple of years ago I know her camp wouldve simply announced the winner of this competition and been on to the next, but obviously Bey is taking a different approach with her Bey Hive lately. Bey seemed so sincerely thankful to Jimek during her Skype date..probably as thankful to him for participating as he was to her for winning! Jimek was obviously shocked and humbled by the experience, it was terribly cute!

Congrats to him on this accomplishment! I dig the song and my 4 yr old niece just asked, "Tia, why is it different?" I told her because it's a remix, and asked her if she liked it, she replies, "Yes! I love it! Go Beyonce!" lol..then of course I had to explain everything to her :)

Rihanna Talks Rita Ora Shares an Intimate Moment with her Mommy & Sings Acoustic We Found Love

Rihanna has been doing major things lately. Most recently she was selected as one of Time's 100 Most Influential Persons. MAJOR.

She hit the red carpet for the event just after her mom Monica Fenty and her Grandpa surprised her by coming.

Rihanna wore (which is always important right!) a pink Marchesa gown with black accessories. She looked great.

For her performance she wore her pal Stella McCarthy and sang an acoustic rendition of We Found Love and one of her faves- Bob Marley's Redemption Song.

At the close of the night this beautiful photo of her embracing her mommy was taken. :)

While on the red carpet Rihanna stopped to talk to NNN. She talks about how winning her Time 100 slot feels and her major influence- Bob Marley as well as Rita Ora.

Chris Brown SHAVES & Shoots "Sweet Love" Video in LA

As previously posted fans have been a little put off by Chris' looks. Some feel he's too skinny, and others just simply were not feeling his new facial hair. Well, while we can't say he's gained any weight in the day he's been back in the states- we can announce that he's finally shaved!

Chris made the announcement on twitter with photographic proof on instagram. Shortly after he began sharing pictures of what appears to be another dope Chris Brown video, this time around for his single Sweet Love. The video looks amazing.

 Chris is very visually artistic and I think it's part of the reason his videos are always so visually engaging. Sweet Love looks no different. As he captioned one of the below photos "A dream" the back drop is a smokey night street.. The Way You Make Me Feel -esque alley way with cars. Only- he's got beds lined of with women in them...yea Chris Im sure this is a dream for you. lol 

Check out some pics from the set below.. shared by Chris!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beyonce is the World's Most Beautiful Woman According to People! Behind the Scenes {Vid}

How befitting is this title!! It's been a beautiful year for Beyonce. The 30 yr. old music icon has accompolished so much in her short time on Earth, and is sure to continue to wow us.

What we love most about Bey is not just her talent, but her grace. She does everything in such a way that leaves most people wondering if she's even REAL. From her flawless performances to even pregnancy and post's all done with grace.

This year she and hubby Jay Z celebrated 4 yrs. of marriage and the birth of their first baby. Bey says being a mommy has made her feel more connected and purposeful than any of her past accomplishments. Im sure Jay is shaking his head in agreeance with PEOPLE.. Bey is beaautiful!

President Obama courting young voters through student loan pain

President Barack Obama is once again going to us, the young people, in his bid for re-election this fall. And he is going to an area that we all can (or in the future) identify with: the pain of student loan debt.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

@Beyonce Shares Throwwwback Photo of herself @KellyRowland, Latavia, and @LetoyaLuckett :)

Bey has been spoiling us with these personal photos. It's been so cool to get a glimpse inside of her personal world a bit  because she's sooo private.

I personally appreciate this photo because it's so innocent and sweet. The original Destiny's Child a bit before mega succcess and stardom. Definitely before the split and solo careers. I love it. Crazy how Beyonce looks the same...this photo of her has to be a few years old though.

Beyonce, Kelly, Latavia, and Letoya :)

Fans Worried About Chris Brown's Health

Today I got a letter from a fan of Chris Brown's and honestly I can't say I haven't shared her/his concerns recently. Here is what "team breezy rep" had to say & my reply after pics:

hey kayki!! i love ur site and i have a question for u. im a huge chris brown fan and i also liked him and karruche together. i sometimes think that u prefer him with rihanna and alot of people do. my feelings are starting to change becuase ive been a very big fan of his from the beginning and i never seen him in such a bad shape. he looks very very thin and sad or disoriented in all of his pix. i love chris and if he is happy with this girl then thats cool, but it looks like with him he took a turn for the worst. i also read that karruche had a drug problem and that girl thats always with them is a drug dealer but i dont care who they are im just chris fan and worried bout chris health. i saw a picture of karruche smoking crack on the toilet! i know u will keep it real with what u know without blastin him. please do u know whats wrong? my sister said he just stressed about not being with rihanna and im not a fan of her but he did seem healthy and  happy with her, but even she look so bad now. so thats it kayki im just a fan and i know other fans are worried that hes on drugs or sick. some stuff he tweet and his drawings plus just look at old pictures from even the grammys and now. its scary. i know (***) said he look like a crack head i know u wouldnt write that about him but ud tell us what u know or ur honest opinion. we just want him to be healthy. thanks and srry for typs i dont usually email frm this phone!

team breezy rep
Photos of Chris recently..

Chris at the Grammys in February

Well, TBR here is what I think. As I stated earlier, I have found myself a bit concerned about his well being for some of the same reasons you mentioned. As a blogger, I see pictures of celebs every single day, so I usually notice changes in them that occur over time. Both he and Rihanna's images have drastically changed over the past few months. Both have lost lots of weight and their look is a bit darker emotionally. I have hinted about this in  previous posts, but hadnt planned on devoting a post to it in particular, because...people change and go through things, and honestly I don't know why.

Sometimes in situations where I dont know answers I just opt to be quiet, but since youre asking I'll give you my opinion. I think Chris is stressed the HECK out. I don't doubt he's using some recreational drugs like many his age are. What those drugs are Im not sure. I know he smokes cigarettes right? Which can cause some people to slim down a bit, and I don't doubt theres some weed usage there which can have the same effect on some people.

As for his girlfriend.. I have heard SO much about her and her friend. I think people just want to know who they are and since we don't people are making some things up, but based upon my own observance Im sure there is some relevancy in some of it. Karrueche seems like a party girl from LA...... so many things could potentially come from that. As for her infamous crack pipe photo.. she couldve been smoking anything out of that pipe- weed..crack..we don't know.

I do know that Chris seems to be in a rough place right now physically- but we never know. He may be just growing up and getting thinner. The visual is a bit much to handle and I could only imagine if I were a huge fan how big of a concern it would be. I'm sorry I don't have the answers. What I will say is as I have always said- Celebrity is a very VERY hard life to have. If you believe in God and have a favorite celeb, I encourage you to pray for that celeb's person. Meaning, don't just love their music and fancy life style, but pray for their health, peace of mind, and happiness.

 It's way harder than people think and considering the emotional roller coaster Chris has been on at such a young age- he probably really does need those prayers. His mom is one of my favorite people on twitter..she actually just started following me. She's so positive and keeps him lifted up at all times. So, Chris will get through whatever he's experiencing right now. Keep your head up!

Thanks for reading the site!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez PDA Overdrive on "Boyfriend" video shoot

These two are really going through it-the first love saga. Everytime we get a chance to see them they are all cuddled up somewhere and thats exactly what was seen while on the video set for Justin Bieber's new single Boyfriend.

Selena couldn't keep her hands off of Justin and the same was true for him, spotted carrying her (literally) at one point around the set. While Selena isn't the leading lady in the video..word is Justin made sure to give her all of his attention in between takes.

They have a pretty mature relationship it seems for 18/19 yr olds, but hey.. they arent the average 18 or 19 yr old so...

Rihanna Gets a Special Delivery..again!

Rihanna stepped out last night for dinner with friends in this skin tight full length silver dress and jean jacket. Of course she accompanied it with her fave pair of heels..this time in black.

Rihanna also got a sweet surprise last night when she got a pair of bad swavorski crystal Guissepe Zonattis specially delivered to her. She tweeted how sick they are and..well.. they are Guisseppe so.. lol

Check out more photos of Rih out and about last night..and giving somebody the death look! Who asked her about Chris!? smh.

Monday, April 23, 2012

George Zimmerman Released from Jail #TrayvonMartin

Wow. These photos/vids- though we knew there was a chance that they were coming- are really hard to see. After the public outcry for justice for Trayvon Martin, his gunman George Zimmerman was eventually arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder.

Over the weekend his bond was set to $150,000 with 10% needed to get him out, so just that quickly.. a measly $15,000 lets him go home. He quietly exited jail and rode off. His passport is surrendered and he has a curfew, but it's still some freedom. Probably more freedom than most would thing he deserves.

While the case is not over, it is a bit disheartening to see him able to go home to his friends and family when there are so many inconsistencies in his story as to how/why he killed an unarmed teenager.

We really have to keep praying for both families involved. This is a sad case and seems to be unfolding in an even more sad manner.

BTS: Rihanna's Harper's Bazaar Shoot

Rihanna tweeted with excitement the other day that she just shot her first Harper's Bazaar cover! Seems like she thoroughly enjoyed working with the publication and Im sure fans will enjoy the photos to come with .

Rihanna has always put in so much work. Seems like every week theres more that she's doing to advance her career. Some fans, especially number one fan site express their irritation with some media focusing on the things she does in her leisure.

Unfortunately, thats what gets the hits. It saddens me because it must be frustrating to work so hard, but not be allowed to have a personal life. Im guessing this is why Rih is such a straight shooter now. She says what she wants to who she wants when it comes to her personal business or photos that she doesn't make so personal.

Anywho- Rihanna is finding her way through her early twenties facing things Im not sure many of us have ever experienced or ever will..and from the looks of this HB shoot.. still looking great doing it. Rih was just nominated for 13 Billboard awards, has a blockbuster film making great numbers around the globe, a deal with Armani, and is working on next album somewhere in between.

CUTE Kim! Kim K Reps Her Man Kanye

Kim K arrived at LAX over the weekend which is not really news- unless you look closely at her earlobes. The socialite turned business woman has gone public with her relationship with producer turned everything Kanye West recently. 

The media is all over it even though we are easily a few years late, but since we've caught wind every little story about them counts. So, back to these earlobes... in what we can only attribute to a small tribute to her boo.. Kim K wears two gold letter earrings in both ears ( K & W).

Aww Kimye!