Monday, March 5, 2012

Willow Smith's Hair is GREEN??

Willow hit her instagram account this weekend to share her new do with fans! Recently Willow debuted a buzz cut to many people's astonishment. Some folks took it as a cry for help or attention considering the rumored split of her parents actors Will & Jada Smith.

Well, that rumor may have been put to rest after Jada released a very sensual Valentines Day treat to Will via her Facebook page. Many felt that it squashed any rumors that they were splitting and therefore squashed the "Willow is depressed" rumor as well.

I wonder what those same people are gonna think when they see this! Willow has gone green, and I don't mean in reservation of energy.. I mean..her

Willow looks like she's really enjoying her new look as well! Check more photos below!

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