Thursday, March 8, 2012

Whitney Houston Leaves EVERYTHING to Daughter Bobbi Kristina

No surprise here! It was obvious from day one that Whitney adored her only child Bobbi Kristina. Today in Atlanta, Whitney's Will was filed and it leaves 100% of Whitney's assets to her child. Yep ....100%!

The net worth----- about 20 million dollars!!!! All jewelry, personal items, cars, ..all of it.. to BK.

According to TMZ, Bobbi K won't get it all at once, she'll get some at 21, some at 25, and the rest at 30.

This really shows where Whitney's heart was. She signed this will just 3months before giving birth to Bobbi Kristina.

While 20 million doesnt seem like a lot to some people for an artist of Whitney's calliber, it is an enormous amount of money for Bobbi Kristina to enherit!

Whitney set her daughter up well just incase anything were to happen to her..

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