Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two people from Tyga's crew shot after his concert in Omaha

Following a concert Monday night in Omaha, Nebraska, two members of Tyga's camp were shot - Honey Cocaine (in the arm) and Derrick Lowe (hip was grazed). Both have been treated and are expected to recover from their minor wounds.

A confrontation began when Tyga was going to perform his hit single Rack City when audience members started throwing things onto the stage. A video below captured the incident, prompting Tyga to entice the hecklers to meet him outside after the show. And sure enough, they did.

As Tyga and his crew left the scene in a van, police say shots were fired from a car and more shots were fired from the black four-door sedan following the van. No arrests have been reported, but the investigation is ongoing.

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