Friday, March 30, 2012

Toya Wright Blasts TPain!

Moment of silence for the WERK Toya's putting in in this photo.. ok..

Whew! Do not mess with Toya's man! Last night I saw a tweet from her that I knew would be the talk of town today. While watching TPain's Behind the Music, Toya was totally discontent with her husband Memphitz not getting the credit he deserved in the final edit of the show.

She tweeted out that she was watching it specifically to see if her boo got his props, and when he didnt she had one thing to say,

F#@K @Tpain

The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before her numerous followers were able to RT & comment.

The issue is this- it's a little known fact that her hubby Memphitz is the A&R responsible for putting TPain on as an artist. Yep! Basically, you've got your Im in Love with a Stripper jams because of Memphitz. Tpain even appeared in their reality show Toya's Family Affair on BET, so the two have an extensive history/relationship.

Naturally, Toya felt slighted when her husband's part in TPain's success was ommitted from the show. Though she has a right to be upset, her blame may have been pointed in the wrong direction. According to TPain- it was merely an editing thing with VH1 and he did in fact tell the whole story.

Memphitz had a few words to say as well, but ultimately made it clear that theres no beef.

Can you blame Toya for not wanting her love to be slighted (which does happen a lot in this industry)? Is she right or does she owe TPain an apology knowing as a tv star herself that they edit things as they wish..? Maybe theres more to this story than what we see. Hopefully all works out with them.. friendship is important.

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