Thursday, March 22, 2012

These Are a Few Of Rihanna's Favorite Things

Celebrities are exposed to endless amounts of really hot fashions and usually at very little cost to them. They get stuff sent to them all of the time because they really are the best walking billboards.

So, needless to say the most famous celebs don't have to repeat any outfits/accessories. They've got the whole fashion world at their fingertips, so it's a bit noticeable when a celeb repeats a few pieces. In comes the beautiful Rihanna.

Rih Rih is well respected for her game changing style sense. Her glam squad is THE business. We've seem the Only Girl star rock a billion different styles and even hair colors but there are a few items that she's been spotted in a few times.

Rihanna loves this red polkadot hair bow that she has been seen wearing for years. She also digs these Miu Miu red pumps that she wore in the "Man Down" video as well as a few other occasions. Another staple- that red lip that she rocks regularly now.

We all have a few things in our closets that we adore. Just guessing that these are a few things Rihanna loves. I'm sure you'll see her in them again soon.

P.S. So Rih Rih was spotted arriving at Ashton Kutcher's house at like midnight the other night. She supposedly left around 4 am..this is according to TMZ. He's preparing to sell that house so maybe she was just getting a ahem any who.. more photos below.


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