Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So.. You Guys Didn't Know Whitney's "Adopted Son" Nick was Bobbi Kristina's "Other half"

Alll right. So, there has been so much talk this evening about  Bobbi Kristina's relationship with Whitney's "Secret" adopted son Nick Gordon. I recall blogging about him and how nobody knew who he was really. I said when I posted it a while back that I think that maybe he is adopted in the sense that he's her daughter's boyfriend.

Now the two have been spotted kissing in public and holding hands. The media is just a bit slow on it though. The two of them have billions of photos together, have tweeted sweet things to/about each other a billion times. Bobbi Kristina tweeted the below tweet back in September:

"Home relaxing with othrhalf @ndgordon.."

I assumed they were together as soon as he surfaced. I personally wish them the best. He's been there for her and she for him. He's obviously been touched by Whitney's life personally as well, and if he is good for her I say why not.

This is obviously something they both are serious about. Bobbi Kristina took to her twitter page for the first time since her mother's passing yesterday to tweet about their commitment to one another.

I guess y'all should read more... cus you'reeeeee late! lol

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